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Ping Feature

October 30th, 2015 10:29 AM EST

We have released a new major feature for our server list : the "Ping Feature".We are the only web server list for offer such feature and be [...]

Space Engineers Update 01.105 - Hydrogen Thrusters

October 23rd, 2015 06:17 AM EST

Space Engineers Update 01.105 has been released with hydrogen thrusters, mp improvements, new battery behavior and slide doors.SummaryThe 2nd [...]

Space Engineers Update 01.104 - Bugfixing and Tutorial Unlocking

October 16th, 2015 06:57 AM EST

Space Engineers Update 01.104 has been released with bugfixing, tutorial unlocking and revised tutorial 1.SummaryIn this week’s update we [...]

Space Engineers Update 01.103 - Performance and Bug Fixes

October 9th, 2015 06:41 AM EST

Space Engineers Update 01.103 has been released with performance, bug fixes and armor box turret hack fixed.SummaryThis week we have another [...]

Update 01.102 - Performance and Bug Fixes

October 2nd, 2015 05:39 AM EST

Space Engineers Update 01.102 has been released with performance and bug fixes, character's jump corresponds to gravity strength.SummaryThe [...]

Update 01.088 - UI Transparency, Rotating Sun and Voxel Support

June 26th, 2015 04:50 PM EST

Space Engineers Update 01.088 has been released with UI transparency, rotating sun and voxel support.SummaryThe option to set the transparency of [...]

Update 01.087 - Deathmatch Scenario Support

June 18th, 2015 03:57 PM EST

Space Engineers Update 01.087 has been released with deathmatch scenario support.SummaryIn this update we added support for designing deathmatch [...]

Update 01.085 - Improved Ship Navigation And Docking

June 5th, 2015 09:07 AM EST

Space Engineers Update 01.085 has been released with improved ship navigation and docking.SummaryThe ship navigation and autopilot options have [...]

Update 01.084 - DirectX 11 And Station Rotation

May 28th, 2015 04:27 PM EST

Space Engineers Update 01.084 has been released with DirectX 11 and station rotation.SummaryDirectX 11 renderer has been added to the game. It is [...]

Update 01.083 - Ship Waypoints And GPS Sorting

May 21st, 2015 05:57 PM EST

Space Engineers Update 01.083 has been released with ship waypoints and GPS sorting.SummaryAuto-pilot for ships (or ship waypoints) has been [...]