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Update 01.079 - Oxygen Farm

Space Engineers Update 01.079 has been released with oxygen farm and disabling encounters option.SummaryThe Oxygen [...]

Update 01.078 - Main Cockpit, Button Panel Hints

Space Engineers Update 01.078 has been released with main cockpit and button panel hints.SummaryPlayers now have [...]

Update 01.077 - Hiding Blocks In Terminal, Decompression Effect, Scenarios

Space Engineers Update 01.077 has been released with hiding blocks in terminal, decompression effect and [...]

Update 01.075 - Airtight Hangar Door And New Turret Targeting Options

Space Engineers Update 01.075 has been released with airtight hangar door and new turret targeting [...]

Update 1.074 - Oxygen

Space Engineers Update 01.074 has been released with oxygen.Summary Oxygen has been added in Space Engineers! This [...]

Update 01.073 - Sorting Items Inside Conveyor System

Space Engineers Update 01.073 has been released with a new block for sorting items inside the conveyor system has [...]

Update 01.072 - Laser Antenna And Large Turret Terminal Control

Space Engineers Update 01.072 has been released with laser antenna and large turret terminal [...]

Update 01.071 - New Armor Blocks And More Exploration Ships

Space Engineers Update 01.071 has been released with new armor blocks, more exploration ships, favorites/history in [...]

Update 01.070 - LCD Panel And New Type of Round Armor

Space Engineers Update 01.070 has been released with LCD panel and a new type of round armour.SummaryWe added a new [...]

Update 01.069 - New Armor Block Types, Armor and Asteroid Modding

Space Engineers Update 01.069 has been released with new armor block types, armor and asteroid modding.SummaryNew [...]