Blog Feed en Sat, 07 Jan 2023 16:25 CET is a Space Engineers servers list. Its goal is to provide an efficient way for players to find a server that suits their needs and also for servers owners to get more players on their servers. 60 Community Spotlight 🧐 December 2022 Sat, 07 Jan 2023 16:25 CET

Space Engineers Official[]

Our favorite pastime is browsing through the workshop - we are in love with all the creations our players are constantly sharing. 💫

We can't wait every month to spotlight mods and blueprints that catch our eye and have the potential to make your time in Space Engineers more interesting and unique.

Here is our spotlight for the month of December! 🤩

Fleet command script allowing RTS-style controls using transparent HUD or normal screen for grids controlled by the AutoPillock script.

Build smaller, more efficient, automated bases that are easier to maintain!

This script controls the flow of ores by automatically adjusting Conveyor Sorter white/black lists to control what ores (or ingots / materials) are pulled from a docked ship or direct connection (such as a Pipeline, etc.).

This is a scenario mod that adds an end-goal to the game as well as reason to explore planets and interact with NPCs.

Enigmatic ancient temples were discovered on planets in star system which are rumored to posses advanced alien artifacts.

We offer the most advanced ship laser scalpels you will ever find!

A roughly made pack of weapons for my exclusive Tyranid Hive Fleet creations which is straight up inspired by Warhammer 40k setting and Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 videogame.

This stuff is meant to be used with the upcoming Hive Fleet Encounter mod which is in development for now.

Hungry but dont know what to eat? out in the cold depths of space and nothing to celebrate with?

The Tiamat Food and Beverages system is here to help.

Tired of assemblers jamming up? Not having the ability to easily fill a weld ship with needed components? Prioritize refineries to specific ores?

This mod will let you control all this!

This mod hides any Modded block categories and combines them into a single "Modded Blocks" category.

This mod adds animations and effects to the vanilla cockpits of Space Engineers. Now when you jump in the seat you will see the canopy or door close behind you, and open again with some effects when you exit.

This is purely a cosmetic modification and does not make any alterations to gameplay.

Want a distraction from all that Mining and Welding? Do you like Football themed Pinball Tables?

Then this oversized Pinball Stadium may be just what you’ve been waiting for.
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Community Spotlight 🧐 November 2022 Sun, 04 Dec 2022 14:33 CET

Space Engineers Official[]

Our favorite pastime is browsing through the workshop - we are in love with all the creations our players are constantly sharing. 💫

We can't wait every month to spotlight mods and blueprints that catch our eye and have the potential to make your time in Space Engineers more interesting and unique.

Here is our spotlight for the month of November! 🤩

This mod enables you to: Grab, Carry/Drag and Rotate Blocks.

MADAR (MA Radar), a display of nearby enemies and incoming missiles for 3rd person view.

Stability Assist System - Maintain orientation while in orbit!

A weapons pack to go with Const Tech-focused Aircraft pack.

Metroidvania Scenario
Can you escape?

Don´t worry, a very helpful and friendly A.I. will support you! :)

The Terran Bureau for Colonization is a government agency aiming to create and maintain colonies for all of humankind.

In their efforts to colonize space, they have sent the "Appletree", a colonization ship to Sector 13. But, there's something wrong here...

The Type-42 Heavy Anti-Equipment Magnetic Railgun is the first civilian defensive weapon designed by Wufeng Heavy Industry for engineers.

The Anti Materiel Gun is an attempt at accurizing the Assault Cannon.

The system consists of the cannon, an articulated chassis, and a custom weapon sight with a Bullet Drop Compensation (BDC) reticle, calibrated for the Assault Cannon Shell out to 1,400m in 1g.

Small and Large grid Atmospheric Quad copter style blades (thrusters).

Tired of ludicrous recoil? Want a reason to use different hand weapons? Maybe you just want to do damage to shields in vain? How about launching a guided AA missile?

Well this will enable your wildest dreams by leveraging the magic of WeaponCore!

This is the Collider Edition of this mod, if you are looking for an easier alternative try the Hinge Hook

This is a functioning Arcade Cabinet with Tetris-like game on it.

It is one of a series of upcoming blueprints for hopefully being your new favorite piece of interior for ships and stations.
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Community Spotlight 🧐 October 2022 Sun, 06 Nov 2022 15:56 CET

Space Engineers Official[]

Our favorite pastime is browsing through the workshop - we are in love with all the creations our players are constantly sharing. 💫

We can't wait every month to spotlight mods and blueprints that catch our eye and have the potential to make your time in Space Engineers more interesting and unique.

Here is our spotlight for the month of October! 🤩

When a player dies, a zombie raises to take it's place.

Have fun!

This script can be used to create and manage complex but easy to use elevators.

Only a single programmable block is needed to manage all of the elevators on a grid.
This script supports any grid size.

Do you tire of having to manually update the scripts in your ship blueprints every time a silly script writer makes an update?

Do you wish that I would stop pushing updates to WHAM every freaking day?
Well this mod helps with the first one!

Halo 3's, The Pit.

Lovingly remade into a Space Engineers PvP arena.

This mod is centered around rebuilding the Vanilla solar system, in particular the planets & resources as efficiently as possible in terms of voxel slots.

The goal is to make each planet more special, in addition with Alien & Earthlike to be less similar.

This track was made with Formula SE in mind. It's made by using a modded planet with a painted track and realistic heightmap on it

It takes about 4 minutes to do a lap.

This race track is based in Nevada USA

Features an Airfield, an Oil Mine, a Burger King and so much more.

The M/ML-556 Arrowhead is a U.S.F ( United Sol Federation ) prototype tactical missile launcher

Can re-arm itself with an onboard missile construction system.

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is a space telescope which conducts infrared astronomy.

As the largest optical telescope in space, its high resolution and sensitivity allow it to view objects too old, distant, or faint for the Hubble Space Telescope.
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Coming soon: Event Controller 🤯 Tue, 01 Nov 2022 17:16 CET
Monitor various block states 🧐

Trigger actions automatically 🤩

Community Spotlight 🧐 September 2022 Sun, 09 Oct 2022 16:29 CEST

Space Engineers Official[]

Our favorite pastime is browsing through the workshop - we are in love with all the creations our players are constantly sharing. 💫

We can't wait every month to spotlight mods and blueprints that catch our eye and have the potential to make your time in Space Engineers more interesting and unique.

Here is our spotlight for the month of September! 🤩

Keep track of all your ships. Displays all your ships telemetry in one screen (or more).

Use the visual telemetry screen to have a Radar like visual location of your ships.

Added a block for overclocking some of the ship's equipment.

Currently, the following devices can be overclocked: Reactor, O2/H2 Generator, gyroscope, thruster, drill.

The newest edition to The Iron Orders weapon pack. The VXM-08 M.L.M.S came about after a growing need for a cheaper and smaller missile system was needed.

While the Trident Torpedos are effective they lack in tracking and speed and the system needed to launch them far to big.

I started this mod with the hope that I could make wheels stay on the track like they do IRL without requiring a rollercoaster style wheel spam setup.

These wheels are designed to work with the track blocks in the mod. They are near unusable on voxels. To make up for this they have more pulling strength and less power use than normal wheels.

3 Steam locomotives and one older model of Big Boy

There are: Mallard, Sil Nigel Gresley, Union Pacific Big Boy

The Mk 2 grenade is a fragmentation hand grenade used by the U.S. armed forces during World War II and in later conflicts including the Vietnam War.

It was manufactured with grooves in the cast iron, which gives it the appearance of pineapple fruit, hence the common nickname of the "pineapple" grenade.

IMPAKT Missile Systems aims to provide a concise, simple, and easy-to-use missile modset based around the weapons of the modern day.

This mod adds terminal controls to lighting blocks that give you the ability to save the settings of a single light block and then apply it to multiple lighting blocks.

This also works across saves as well (ie, create a lighting profile in one world, it will follow you to other worlds).

Fun little survival environment for people to hang out and try something a little different.
Max sized Earth with a 50km Pertam at about 5km from each other with a standard moon in the distance.

Lots of asteroids floating about between and one or two poi's for players to find with some goodies to reward them.

Look at that! A Kagumi space whale crosses your path.

This rare species was discovered in 2230 by a space telescope that was pointed at the Rim Sector Gaya for research purposes.
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Community Spotlight 🧐 August 2022 Sun, 04 Sep 2022 13:29 CEST

Space Engineers Official[]

Our favorite pastime is browsing through the workshop - we are in love with all the creations our players are constantly sharing. 💫

We can't wait every month to spotlight mods and blueprints that catch our eye and have the potential to make your time in Space Engineers more interesting and unique.

Here is our spotlight for the month of August! 🤩

This is a mod for Space Engineers that aims to make survival in the game more difficult and challenger adding new systems like hunger and thist.

Anger Clang like never before while you build subgrid configurations that were previously impossible!

This mod contains hinges, rotors, and pistons with conveyor ports and attachment points in different orientations, including the Wide series.

This module adds Copper, Titanium, Aluminium, Lithium, Sulfur and Shale ores to all SE planets, moons and asteroids.

This is a custom system with scenario.

Very dark and depressing as the age of light and stars are coming to an end.

The Khurakan System is a beautiful place, but full of dangers.

You can chose one of 3 different spawns, each with different difficulty, but also different opportunities.

Pravda Heavy Industries adds several large grid encounters as Space Cargo Ships.

These encounters may appear neutral initially, however they will quickly become hostile if approached.

Log: The Great Space Nation is a mod that strives to add interesting encounters to space.

There are two new factions you'll encounter. Log is the primary force you'll be fighting, while Log Mart is a business that brings the economy back into relevance.

A must have for all BSG Fans! Adds a modified vanilla Cannon and a Custom "120mm_Flak_Explosives" in Ammo Boxes.

Fires Explosives shells ~ 600m with a Dispersion of 140m. So, the more guns you use the deadlier the Wall will be.

Guided missiles + rocket pods for helicopters.

Lock-on distance increased to 7,5km and warning sound triggers when enemy player locks on you!

Give your ship a proper engineering deck with this expandable plasma power system.

This contains a reactor which converts plasma fuel to energized gas, and generators which run directly off this.

The "Fu Xiao" class civilization ark is not a colonial ship, but a special ship for the continuation of civilization.

Therefore, the design of the living area of the "Fu Xiao" class takes the city as a template as much as possible to build a living environment close to home for passengers, rather than putting crew members in a freezer to spend an endless wandering journey.
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Community Spotlight 🧐 July 2022 Sun, 07 Aug 2022 15:20 CEST

Space Engineers Official[]

Our favorite pastime is browsing through the workshop - we are in love with all the creations our players are constantly sharing. 💫

We can't wait every month to spotlight mods and blueprints that catch our eye and have the potential to make your time in Space Engineers more interesting and unique.

Here is our spotlight for the month of July 🤩

A survival-oriented overhaul of character movement, suit resources, and the jetpack.

Also serves as a balanced anti-hydroman mod for PVP.

This mod is intended to make add new risks to the player in the form of Heat, Cold, Radiation and Electrocution damage. To help reduce certain risks new suits (Hazmat and Miner) have been added. Also note there are some new HUD Indicator Icons too.

Secondary is a more realistic implementation of reactors which now require "control rods" (Silver/Cobalt ingots), Coolant and can be over fueled. Reactors will also enter a "runaway" and/or "meltdown" state.

After a way too long time in the making Mexpex Warfare Industries is back once more with a new line up of weapons!

We got coils, we got missiles and of course the new and improved version of the classic Battleship Cannon.

Cheap, lumpy, lighted, what more could you ask for?

All block recipes now require canvas, meaning a Basic Assembler at a minimum will be required to fully weld these.

Welcome to the best meta/agility script of Space Engineers.

Big thanks to VectorThrust2, Digi, Whiplash, d1ag0n, feoranis, Malware, and so on to help me with part of the code and solving some problems. I cannot rule out my thanks also to 1wsx10, the original author of Vector Thrust 2 and for providing the majority of the code where this script is working.

This mod adds the stealth drive to the game, allowing ships to become almost invisible and undetectable by weapons.

It also contains heat sink blocks, which allow ships to remain in stealth for longer before needing to drop out to vent accumulated heat.

A set of of advanced rotors to build turrets and stuff, in line with vanilla style. SG and LG!

Featuring a complex collision model the rotorhead can be sunk into a roundish hole of armor and can be passed through the complete center section, allowing the gun assembly to move freely through there when elevated.

Ever wanted to make your engine room look a little more flashy? Trying to capture that Sci-Fi look you saw on that show once?

Now you can!

The Madokai MK5 is produced by Aegyr Grp. on one of their atmospheric forges. The unusual shape and coloring of this craft, quickly made it popular among the more wealthier traders and explorers.

Since it has a small cargo capacity, it is often used to supply remote outposts or transporting valuable goods in small quantities. Like all Aegyr Grp. ships is it not very well armed and always needs to be escorted.

This tank uses 560 assault cannon recoil or 16 "piston" engine to move forwards.

The recoil power is transferred from cannons to tracks using gears, clutch and other mechanical things.
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Community Spotlight 🧐 June 2022 Sun, 17 Jul 2022 15:06 CEST

Space Engineers Official[]

Our Community Team has been scouring the workshop. It is always hard to narrow it down to just a few amazing creations! Thank you, to all our creators, for such impressive, inspiring, jaw-dropping creations. 💫

Every month, we really look forward to spotlighting mods and blueprints that catch our eye and have the potential to make your time in Space Engineers interesting and unique.

Here is our spotlight for the month of June 🤩

Frustrated with finding that Cobalt patch on Earthlike? Worry not, science is here to alleviate your frustration!

Clamp a thumper to the ground and with our advanced sensors you can detect far away ore spots. Designed to allow you to discover ore nodes on planets similar to the way Radio Spectrometry works.

Ctrl Z to undo stuff!
Singleplayer Creative only.

This mod adds a number of tarp and cargo net blocks to the game. They serve as great decorative options for your base, especially if you're going for a more industrial or ramshackle look.

The cloth of the tarp-variants is even slightly animated. The mod also includes some pillars to hold up your tarps.

The Terrain Tool allows you to place voxels of all kinds such as grasses, sands, soils, stones, and snow...

Even Digi's concrete! Terrain types from all of the vanilla planets and asteroids are available!

You wake up after a long cryogenic sleep and realize that the colonization mission was a total failure, almost all the colonists died, the system is under anarchy and now you will have to survive in HËLL.

This is a weapon mod inspired by the weapons that appear in the animated series Star Blazers (Space Battleship Yamato / 宇宙戦艦ヤマト).

Design to build all the components in the vanilla game and store them in containers automatically

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-F (Yorktown class)
as seen in Star Trek Online (updated Thomas Marrone model)

Almost a Year later the Yorktown and Aquarius are finally out with help from HD, Talia, Starprime and Barb from our SE Starfleet build community!

A replica of a mech made by Boylei Hobby Time. A walking watchtower from the steampunk wild west.

Fighting Robots toy recteated in Space Engineers!
Optimized for a game controller 😉
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Community Spotlight 🧐 May 2022 Sun, 12 Jun 2022 15:20 CEST
Looking for your fellow Space Engineers?

🤔 Join our official Discord community here:

Designed for a salvage style of gameplay

311 different grids such as small drones, crashed ships, damaged outposts and rotating ring space stations. 99% of grids are damaged in some way, from light rocket damage to being practically ripped in half.

Ion Thrusters/Reactors/Jump Drives appear on some crashed ships on planets
No grids are aggressive, they are armed though ;-)

This adds a crew of robots and astronauts to all NPC ships. This works with vanilla cargo ships NPC mods (including MES), and the economy ships and stations.
  • Provides crew for any ship, vehicle, or station owned by an NPC faction
  • Uses AI Enabled to provide pathing and behaviors for NPCs on ships.
  • Supports single player, multiplayer, and local hosted multiplayer games

The growing tension between Aenum Republic and Outer Planets Consolidation prompted the latter to immediately upgrade its battle fleet.

While dozens of shipyards throughout the Consolidation territory were producing new warships at a hasty pace, Consolidation Electronic Technologies, by special order of the Consolidation Council, began to develop new types of weapons that have a significant advantage over weapons available on the mass market.

Power Share introduces 2 blocks:
  • Power transmitter - Takes power from main grid and distributes up to 15MW by default to receivers in area (respecting permissions: Solo, faction, anyone) Also tops off all suits in 200m
  • Power Receiver - Draws power from transmitter and outputs up to 7MW to attached grid (small grid only)
Range, Power transfer rate, and transfer efficiency are configurable.

From the start, you know nothing. Grind something to learn how to build it!
Thanks to Phoera for the original idea!

Cascadia is a super-habitable world covered in lush red vegetation. Planetary ring, exotic looking twisted clouds, strange biomes, and some kind of mystery may interest space explorers.

This mod adds a set of high-quality hangar gates to seamlessly fit into Space Engineers aesthetics,
containing 3 new versions of extra-large hangar doors to expand your construction options for you.

The newest edition to The Iron Orders weapon pack. The FEM-300 Heavy Repeater adds in a triple barrel repeater that launches tungsten rounds at incredible speeds. These rounds travel at record breaking speed and can penetrate through armor with ease leaving enemy ships riddled with dozens of tiny holes which has given the rise to its nickname The Iron Maiden.

These rounds travel so fast they are able to just barely bypass defensive shields however, they use up most of their energy doing so resulting in minimum damage. The Iron Maiden was designed to be a reliable weapons platform that could be used in any environment with ease. The Maiden has an extreme level of motion and is able to fire directly up and even below itself to some degree making it an easy choice for general ship/base defense.

  • BFG (Character weapon) - Aim the weapon for better accuracy
  • BFG Ammo - Survival ready, capable of moving small/medium grids
  • BFG Prototype Ammo - Extremely expensive, capable of moving large grids (capital ship sized)

  • Vehicle Type: Mining Hauler/Heavy Cargo Truck
  • Purpose: Ore collection missions in remote locations, cargo hauling, exploration, survival.
  • Operational Environment: Planetary Surface

We want to thank you for your continued work and inspiration. We will be searching, every month, for more great community additions, mods, blocks, builds. scripts, and stories. :cozyspaceengineersc:

Have ideas on how to improve Space Engineers? Leave feedback or cast your vote on the most pressing Space Engineers topics!
✅ Space Engineers Future News ✅ Mon, 06 Jun 2022 19:06 CEST

➡️ News & Updates
➡️ Community Spotlight
➡️ Community Guides
➡️ DLC Price Change
➡️ “Last Chance” Sale

Marek Blog:
Community Spotlight 🧐 April 2022 Sun, 08 May 2022 14:27 CEST
Looking for your fellow Space Engineers?

🤔 Join our official Discord community here:

This tool creates random star systems for your game. I find having to manually place modded planets in my game takes a lot of the fun out of the discovery of the star system, and no matter where I place planets I feel like I'm either cheesing to make it too easy or too hard. So I built this tool.

Play as a your favorite stuffed toy!

Ever wanted to scout out a planet before your approach? Check an asteroid for ore and hostiles from over a thousand kilometers way? Track an enemy ship on Mars from the comfort of your moon base? Well, now you can!

This mod adds new camera blocks that allow for remote scouting over unlimited distances (power requirements allowing), complete with the ability to place GPS markers and track entities at a distance as well.

To balance the tactical advantage these cameras grant, there are also tracer blocks which can detect when an enemy is scouting the area near your grid and will allow you to trace their position automatically!

This script provides graphical interface to terminal block actions in the form of tree-organized menu.
Originally intended to help organizing complex builds with many programmable blocks that require numerous command arguments. Helps a lot to save toolbar space and removes the need to remember button meanings. Also it helps by grouping commands as you see fit.

A lot of Pictures (294) for the Sci-Fi Button panels. The Background color can be changed in the LCD settings.

You can now shoot your enemies with a homing Nyan Cat and Meow meow them to death.

This battery pack offers 4 high-capacity storage units for increased power storage.

• LG Large Energy Storage Tank
• LG Energy Storage Unit
• SG Compact Energy Storage Unit
• SG Energy Storage Core

Just in time for the new update, a way to display your precious plushies (and other items) without the fear of them despawning or getting garbage collected!

This mod adds 2 types of display cases which will display their current inventory item. You can rotate the displayed items using pitch/yaw/roll controls in terminal or via toolbar actions. The block also contains a configurable light source which you can modify to ensure maximum viewing pleasure. PB interface should follow as well (because why not?).

A scrapyard turned racetrack, Oressi offers a singular track with two shortcuts, packed full of detail and fun twists and turns. From a jump through a crashed, old ship to a shortcut that only opens after someone has already gone through.

Originally an SSI military compound, the lands surrounding it had been littered with wreckages from the ORE and SSI faction as both companies fought on these very fields. After the initial battle, both factions came to an agreement and ceased fire, salvaging the now overgrown fields. That was years ago, the now abandoned colony and factory still stand, and both companies have decided to revamp the grounds and create an all-new racetrack.

There is a button to start the race in the catwalk on top of the starting line. You can turn on the grinders for the 2nd shortcut using a button near them!

The track features many different rovers and crashed ships, with an assortment of different colored HZI Canid cars ready to race. Credits to echance01 and Stratus for some ships in the race!

The 'Dragon' features 2 Rocket Launchers, 2 Autocannons, 2 Gatling and 1 Autocannon Turret for weaponry. 1 large hydrogen tank with two large H2 thrusters are present with 10.8 minutes at full thrust. A vast array of Atmospheric and Ion thrusters complement this as the primary movement method. The dropships interior features capacity for 1 pilot, 1 gunner, as well as 10 passengers, and is fully airtight and pressurized via 2 O2/H2 generators.

Powering the ship are 2 Small reactors, 8 Large batteries and 67 small batteries (yeah) giving a flight time of around 30 minutes in atmosphere with connection ports in the Top, Bottom and Rear of the ship for external re-arm and recharging.

The VTOL function of the Dragon allows an additional 2 Large Ions, and 1 Large Atmospheric for two opposite sides to be rotated for better movement in the desired direction (Forwards/Backwards vs Up/Down), the feature also changes the lighting from red to green when activated so marines know when the dropship is safe to exit.

A simple and easy-to-maintain design, the Leopard quickly became the standard lance-sized 'Mech carrier for the original Star League and the Great Houses. Its relatively low operating costs and abundant existing replacement parts (with the exception of the drive system) has allowed it to not only survive the Succession Wars as a ship class, but become the predominant entry vehicle for 'Mech recon, objective raid, and special operations missions.

Large and small grid combo mars vehicle for creative mode and block destruction off.
NOTE: First of all make sure you have ingame scripts enabled,

Aeropa City is a city of the future located on the planet Takura on the same island with a large volcano. At this stage, the map is laid out in a stripped-down version, this was done specifically for those who inherited the computer from their grandfather.

Grind pits? Phhffft... Vintage
Press the button for your ultimate smoothie experience!

We want to thank you for your continued work and inspiration. We will be searching, every month, for more great community additions, mods, blocks, builds. scripts, and stories. :cozyspaceengineersc:

Have ideas on how to improve Space Engineers? Leave feedback or cast your vote on the most pressing Space Engineers topics!
Space Engineers: Most Wanted Thu, 28 Apr 2022 19:15 CEST

Hello, Engineers!

Our newest release is here! YOU, our community, are the inspiration for this release. We have reviewed your feedback and from it, created a collection of new additions based on your requests.We hope this update contains some of the many items we have seen on wishlists and the support portal. This update contains several highly requested blocks, fixes, and improvements.

While all Major updates are free, many include a premium (DLC) component. This “Community” update is completely free and contains no DLC. On top of this it includes new content for existing DLCs (this means an additional free update for everyone who owns these DLC’s). Our focus in the Community update is on blocks the community may consider missing, and on important fixes across Space Engineers.

This update will be just that, an update that focuses solely on community requested content. We will not be releasing any premium content or DLC with this update.

While we certainly didn't get to every community request (there are many) we focused on realizing as many as possible from the most commonly requested items.

  • New Camera Overlay
  • Added Weldless Armor Skin
  • Added Corrugated Metal Armor Skin
Added new Blocks - Base Game
  • New Armor shapes (S + L grid, Light + Heavy, 10 shapes, 40 blocks total)
  • T Junction Conveyor (S + L grid, 2 blocks total)
  • Round Windows (S + L grid, 4 shapes, 16 blocks total)
  • Small advanced rotor (S grid, 1 block)
  • Conveyor Converter (S grid, 1 block)
  • Half Cover Wall Mirror (L grid, 1 block)
  • Plushie Engineer (S grid, 1 block)
  • Ladder Shaft (L grid, 1 block)
  • Reinforced Conveyors (S + L grid, 3 shapes, 6 blocks total)
Added new Blocks to existing DLCs:
  • Grated Catwalk Variants (L grid, 4 blocks total) [[url=]Deco Pack 2
  • [/url]]
  • Railing Variants (L grid, 3 blocks total) [[url=]Deco Pack 2
  • [/url]]
  • Neon Tubes (L grid got 3 new shapes, S grid got 8 new shapes, 11 blocks total) [[url=]Sparks of the Future
  • [/url]]
  • Industrial Conveyor T-junction [[url=]Heavy Industry
  • [/url]]
  • Diagonal Window Wall (L grid, 2 blocks total) [[url=]Warfare 1
  • [/url]]
  • Diagonal Bridge Window Inverted (L grid, 1 block) [[url=]Warfare 2
  • [/url]]
    Combat Improvements & Quality of Life Changes
    • Lead Indicator working in Gravity
    • Explosion value tweaks for Explosive Ammo
    • New system to determine small/large block size (for editing size of explosion particle effects)
    • Added center variable for block mirroring
    Fixes & Improvements
    • Fixed a crash in EOS DS
    • Fixed persistence of identically named blocks in terminal after copy&paste (Small Reactor, Small Reactor used to become Small Reactor, Small Reactor 2)
    • Fixed environmental flashes of light appearing at 0,0,0 instead of around actively shooting turrets
    • Fixed difficulties with construction/deconstruction of Small Grid Armor Panels
    • Fixed missing flyby sounds of turret ordinance
    • Fixed Z-fighting on Large Warfare Reactor construction stage LOD3
    • Fixed Searchlight not being present in Large Blocks Category of Toolbar Config (G-menu)
    • Added Explosive components as detonatable inside inventories
    • Fixed a gap in the geometry of Small Assault Turret
    • Fixed Small grid Air vent conveyor ports to look like the non-interactive ports they are supposed to be
    • Fixed width of Dispenser block to better fit with similar blocks
    • Fixed missing Character Step, Fall, Impact sounds for Alien Soil voxel material
    • Fixed Lost Colony world not being saved correctly through DS-GUI Save button
    • Fixed 'Click' sound when using Ship tool secondary action
    • Fixed formatting of hints when using Gamepad
    • Fixed Target indicator not scaling with resolution
    • Fixed typo in Searchlight description
    • Fixed formatting of Reactor description
    • Fixed turret not stopping shooting when player takes over
    • Fixed Z-fighting between multiple landing gears being placed in a row
    • Fixed Passage 2 collision models for a better fit
    • Fixed projectiles and tracers not pointing in the direction of flight
    • Fixed a crash when stopping the game through Steam
    • Fixed rotation of Small grid Solar panel emissive bar
    Support Site Fixes
    • Fixed a crash when trying to cross the boundary of a size limited world via Jumping
    • Fixed multiselect overwriting Custom Turret Controller settings incorrectly
    • Fixed multiselect overwriting Exhaust pipe settings incorrectly
    • Fixed sliders resetting when copying Heat Vent
    • Fixed getting stuck in Cryo chamber when its ownership changed while player was offline
    • Fixed Jump drives not jumping to Beacons on DS
    • Fixed Cockpit's configured toolbar not being persistent through copy&paste
    • Fixed turrets not targeting automatically on DS
    • Fixed persistence of Heat Vent settings through reload
    • Fixed Custom Turret continuing with motion initiated while relinquishing controls
    • Fixed UI scrolling up under the cursor when right-click&dragging an item resulting in different item being relocated
    • Fixed spaces at the end of ship names preventing creation of blueprints
    • Fixed persistence of Custom Turret Controller AI range through reload
    • Fixed penetrative projectiles ignoring subparts of blocks
    • Fixed Armor panel collision issues
    • Fixed Character getting stuck in place after using spectator while controlling Custom Turret Controller and exiting
    • Fixed Warfare Hangar Door collisions to be in line with the old ones
    • Fixed emissive parts of lights not being in sync with pointlights when set to flashing
    • Fixed missing highlight on Warfare Rocket Launcher
    • Fixed missing crosshair when viewing through Camera on a custom turret with new Camera overlay with built-in crosshair
    • Fixed not playing the end sounds after a jump with a jump drive
    • Fixed persistency for Sci-Fi Four-Button Panel button descriptions on DS
    • Fixed a crash in Custom Turret Controller
    • Fixed Window Wall blocks being airtight from the sides
    • Fixed wolves not being able to be hit by turrets due to missing head offset
    • Fixed Controller always being inverted in spectator regardless of Invert-Y axis setting
    • Fixed black GPS signals reverting to blue after reload
    • Fixed Searchlight not following characters on DS
    • Fixed Load game screen not showing thumbnails when using a gamepad
    • Fixed missing breathing sounds in survival with realistic sounds
    • Fixed missing choking sounds in survival SP
    • Fixed visible gaps on the Railgun models
    • Fixed cycle subsystems not updating on toolbar when there are two turrets
    • Fixed missing piston sounds after piston head detached
    • Fixed collisions for Antenna Dish
    • Fixed collisions for Medical room
    • Fixed inconsistencies in Custom Turret Controller toolbar options when compared to regular turrets
    • Fixed missing staircase for one of the Economy NPC trade stations preventing non-flying access
    • Fixed /gps command not iterating when used multiple times
    • Fixed Gatling turrets ignoring targeting orders from Programmable block
    Looking for your fellow Space Engineers?
    Most Wanted Mon, 25 Apr 2022 13:46 CEST
    A very special "𝗠𝗼𝘀𝘁 𝗪𝗮𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗱" Live Stream!🤓

    🚀 Thursday, April 28th, 5 - PM UTC


    Community Spotlight 🧐 March 2022 Sun, 17 Apr 2022 17:17 CEST
    Looking for your fellow Space Engineers?

    🤔 Join our official Discord community here:

    Blocks will slowly rust over time while in atmosphere of configured planets; all blocks that is not covered by other blocks or airtight spaces in all directions will be affected by rust.
    By default Earth, Alien, Pertam and Venus (that is any modded planet that has "Venus" in it's name) planets are configured.
    Grids inside SafeZone that has damage disabled will not rust.
    Rusting of powered grids can be disabled in config.

    A massive addition to the game that adds many systems such as:
    500+ NEW blocks of various types with outputs matching and surpassing vanilla performance.
    30 resources spread across the galaxy, some more commonly found then others
    60+ components across multiple types of assemblers
    10 planets to explore, some with resources found nowhere else
    32 fighters to build, made from hundreds of blocks you can include in any creation.
    5 fuel types with nearly 20 ways to burn it

    A brand new radar mod, inspired by the "Active Radar" mod.
    Output the size and exactly world position(and velocity if isEW=false) of Enemy grid into LCD Panel. Suppose to be read by a Programmable Block and guide the Missiles or Drones.

    A simple connector variant that you can walk through- allowing it to double as a universal docking port!
    More variants are planned for the future.
    Any suggestions for improvements/variants are always welcome!

    This mod adds a Refill Station block. When conveyored it can refill Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Energy to anyone who interacts with it - regardless of ownership. It will not allow respawning at its location. The screen is a customizable LCD.
    Comes in both large and small grid.

    A mech companion heavily based on the Battlefield 2042 robot dogs.
    • Activate / Deactivate
    • Walking
    • Turret
    • Parachute
    • Support Mode
    • Mech Bay with Interchangable Turret Weapons

    A collection of modular parts that can be easily pasted into each other to create quick and easy ship designs.

    Have fun!

    A.I. or Armadillo Industries presents the TS-90 Starlifter (support) a medium dropship capable of carrying a sizeable small vehicle or a lot of infantry*, it also packs a lot of forward fire power.

    I worked hard on the previous Tachi design and shape to give you these highly detailed version of the Roci. It's now easier to land on planets with a bit of practice....
    Just like my previous EXPANSE builds, these one also merge large and small grids, to create a realistic EPSTEIN DRIVE BOOSTER. Very efficient and simple to use ;)

    The Subutai is a 13,000-block pirate warship built around the AWE Kingsword Ultraheavy Coilcannon. Capable of firing its 5200mm round in standard or shotgun modes, with plenty of auxiliary firepower to boot, the Subutai can rip apart heavily armored targets. For some, the compliment of drones, missiles, and torpedoes will be enough.

    The heavily armored face of the Subutai makes a death wish of any frontal assault. Vulnerable to flanking, it always travels with a compliment of destroyers at the very least. However, its two AQD upgradable gyroscopes allow it to turn quickly. The widely distributed subsystems of the Subutai make for a surprisingly survivable vessel, even under continuous bombardment.

    The Nautili is 100% vanilla and scriptless and can set itself up and run largely unattended. Featuring 13 small grid drills on a rotating head and four retractable limbs it is built for one job, digging holes, or tunnels, so two jobs, I guess...

    It utilizes a walking motion with its 4 limbs to move up and down the tunnel regardless of gravity and with minimal power usage. Ideal usages for this machine are retrieving deep ores via deep ores mod, or for creating long tunnels for bases or transport routes.

    Chimera is a planet covered in lush forest, high snow capped peaks and beautiful sandy beaches that go on forever with many islands and continents surrounded by icy oceans and rivers and the high mountains at the poles covered in snow.

    Zira is a moon with high peaks found at the poles capped with ice and in places a smooth but yet rocky area that rounds the belt of the moon suitable for travel with a rover, it is a beautiful place but a harsh life awaits you.

    Mod includes:
    • real milkyway skybox by Darth Biomech
    • darker environment light/shadow changes
    • sun color changed to white instead of piss yellow
    • removes screen dirt

    We want to thank you for your continued work and inspiration. We will be searching, every month, for more great community additions, mods, blocks, builds. scripts, and stories. :cozyspaceengineersc:

    Have ideas on how to improve Space Engineers? Leave feedback or cast your vote on the most pressing Space Engineers topics!
    Space Engineers Live Stream Tue, 22 Mar 2022 12:01 CET Keen Software House team will present you the general Space Engineers gameplay, but also the latest updates of Space Engineers. Come and ask your questions, or just chat and discuss with developers.

    Ready to start creating?

    Space Engineers is a sandbox game about engineering, construction, exploration and survival in space and on planets. Players build space ships, wheeled vehicles, space stations, planetary outposts of various sizes and uses (civil and military), pilot ships and travel through space to explore planets and gather resources to survive. Featuring both creative and survival modes, there is no limit to what can be built, utilized and explored.]]>
    Space Engineers Live Stream Tue, 22 Mar 2022 11:57 CET Keen Software House team will present you the general Space Engineers gameplay, but also the latest updates of Space Engineers. Come and ask your questions, or just chat and discuss with developers.

    Ready to start creating?

    Space Engineers is a sandbox game about engineering, construction, exploration and survival in space and on planets. Players build space ships, wheeled vehicles, space stations, planetary outposts of various sizes and uses (civil and military), pilot ships and travel through space to explore planets and gather resources to survive. Featuring both creative and survival modes, there is no limit to what can be built, utilized and explored.]]>
    Community Spotlight 🧐 February 2022 Sun, 20 Mar 2022 16:35 CET
    Let's take a look at the workshop highlights from another month full of your creations, mods, stories, and visions. These are our favorites from the month of February - give them a try!

    Looking for your fellow Space Engineers?

    🤔 Join our official Discord community here:

    New progress system; Devices needed to research new technologies. Now survival mod can be really difficult. You can't build what you wont. Use what you have and improve your technologies.

    Supercomputer produce new type of components - blueprints. Use blueprint for building blueprint desk what unlock access to new blocks. High grade blueprints require more time for research. But you can build computing cores for decrease time.

    All engine, wheels, thrusters from DLC are more effective, powerful...

    Add depth to your power generation with geothermal, light up your world with concentrated solar, and harness the true power of the atom with new types of nuclear reactor.
    Standalone version of the steam power system developed for Industrial Overhaul, tweaked slightly for vanilla use.

    The Azimuth Remastered Mod is a complete overhaul of the original Azimuth mod with new and updated models with LODs and proper construction models and straight up new additions- Like the gatling turrets and new designs for large ship variants.

    Ganymede Technologies introduces The Programmable Holo LCD! These LCD's are programmable blocks but ALSO Transparent Holo LCD's. This 2 in 1 Block is excellent for placement in cramped builds where you do not want to build an LCD and a programmable block.

    This pack comes with 6 LCD displays, 3 half size and 3 full size in the following colors.
    Now you can run a script from the Holo LCD removing the need to build separate blocks! This is excellent especially for compact builds.

    This mod turns Vanilla npcs Wolves and Spiders into Ai enabled npcs. This makes them perform better compared to vanilla npcs and their broken Ai and they're more optimized so you can have way more ingame. There is also a threat system so the more armed you are the stronger the bigger waves become. Spiders will now spawn into various biomes of their homeworld making them a bit more camouflage. Wolves won't harm players but Cyberhounds will.

    This mod adds modified lifted suspension to the game to significantly increase ground clearance. With wheels as big as 15x15, rovers can now be built that dwarf the likes of rovers that use 5x5s. Build robust mobile bases that benefit from a significant yet balanced increase in propulsion power.

    This script allows you to attach and detach piston heads without mods, so you can summon CLANG more easily in vanilla worlds! You can use it to make piston jolts, speed exploits, very powerful clang stuff or other things.

    Did you know that in vanilla Space Engineers, The height and density of the atmospheres of Earth and Mars are exactly the same? That's a little boring (and unrealistic), so I've changed all of the vanilla planets' atmospheres, to add more variety and realism to the game.

    This also comes with some visual changes to the atmospheres. All planets have had their far cloud layers either moved to a lower altitude, or completely removed, to get rid of that ugly "planet in a bubble" look that makes Titan look particularly bad in vanilla. The color, height, and intensity of atmospheric scattering effects have been changed for most planets as well, to be more realistic and to reflect the new atmosphere heights and densities. Combined with Space Just Got Real, This makes for some pretty amazing looking planets.

    Hello there fellow engineers! I present to you, More Lighting Options, with this pack you will get 10 small grid and 20 large grid Lighting and companion blocks. They have full build states, LODs, and are recolorable. Modular Street light parts, ceiling lights, Alert Condition blocks, Multispectral sensor that currently functions as a searchlight turret - and more!

    This small mod adds homing capabilities to vanilla 200mm missiles and makes them follow the locked target.

    The specific block that is targeted on the locked grid is a random systems block (no armor) for now, with an increased priority for thrusters. Specific subsystem selection will come at a later date.

    The Alkurah System is intended as an alternative to the vanilla starsystem. It's not a full scenario with an actual story, but rather something flexible that can be whatever you want. You can install whatever mods you like and change all of the world settings.

    The main difference to the vanilla starsystem is of course that instead of the vanilla planets this world uses modded planets that I made over the past two years.

    Commissioned by the Inari Empire to fill the holes left by the mainline Oshika Class Cruiser, the Kochi Class is a fast missile attack craft with capability for extended border patrol and reconnaissance operations. Compared to its older and larger cruiser counterpart, however, it lacks the same level of crew comfort which displeased some pilots who had been transferred from Oshika Class vessels.

    Intended for close range engagements, the Kochi Class is in its element when it's among enemy formations, tearing into ships with its large frontal missile compliment. Its role is to mainly divide enemy attention, allowing longer range Inari vessels to effectively strike from afar.

    We want to thank you for your continued work and inspiration. We will be searching, every month, for more great community additions, mods, blocks, builds. scripts, and stories. :cozyspaceengineersc:

    Have ideas on how to improve Space Engineers? Leave feedback or cast your vote on the most pressing Space Engineers topics!
    Space Engineers - Community Collaboration Mon, 07 Mar 2022 19:16 CET
    Marek Rosa Blog

    ➡️ Closed Testing Group
    ➡️ Source Code Access
    ➡️ Modding API
    ➡️ Community Collaboration
    ➡️ Community Update (Sneak Peek)

    We stand with Ukraine Fri, 25 Feb 2022 22:36 CET
    Please consider financial support for the Red Cross, who actively help the victims of war:


    Community Spotlight 🧐 January 2022 Sun, 20 Feb 2022 17:08 CET
    Looking for your fellow Space Engineers?

    🤔 Join our official Discord community here:

    Adds a new Algae-based technology to the Game. One kind of Algae is found on earths, and the other one on the Alien Planet's Ice, or they can be purchased on trading Stations for an immense amount of Space Credits. The Ice from the Lakes have to be filtered to get the Algae cultures and grown in the Algae farm. Algae can also be researched in the BioLab if there is no ice lake in near. You can then use them to build Hydrogen- and Oxygen farm, or in cooperation with the Plant and Cook mod Algae can be used to make Algaebased meat for food.
    Bon Appetite!

    This mod changes the skybox to one ideally suited for creative building. It features a dark grey background with grid lines and axis labels in their corresponding colors, giving the appearance of a modelling application such as Blender.

    It features a grid as a background, with axis denoted by label and color. The mod by SISK which is listed as a dependency is loaded automatically and will remove the sun sprite, as it has been replaced entirely by stronger ambient light. Together with the dark grey background color, this makes the skybox very comfortable to look at for extended periods of time.

    Welcome to the Star Trek Mod Pack by Q-Tech. This is a collection of all my Star Trek themed mods assembled together into one pack. This mod pack requires WeaponCore to function, so make sure you have that loaded in your world.
    There is even amazing guide for it:

    With this mod, you will be able to hit grids, asteroids, and planets at tremendous velocities and enjoy the resulting devastation. Not only will it prevent many of the more awkward physical non-interactions so common at high speeds, but also opens up a range of kinetic options for weaponry. :se:

    From remote-controlled kinetic missiles to orbital "rods from God", all you need is sufficient mass and speed to wreck even the most robust defenses. So when in doubt, crash into it!

    Short range scanner that detects valuable cargo on other ships and displays the information for the player.

    Now you know what they've got, but is the juice worth the squeeze? Then get the Weapon Scanner too!

    Investigate far away asteroids using radio spectrometry to get an idea about their composition before you actually travel to it.

    Point your ore detector directly at a distant asteroid to get a readout. Access the readouts by loading the Radio Spectrometry Reader script in any block with an LCD. There needs to be a spike in the graph at each of the 3 points of an ore for that ore to be present in the asteroid.

    Ore Detector must be unobstructed and have a clear line of sight to the asteroid. Unfortunately the detector does not work on planets. oh and it is a server friendly mod! (only runs on client)

    You now stand between the Darkness and The Light..

    The Year is 𝟐𝟑𝟐𝟏 - The name of the place...𝐒𝐩𝐚𝐜𝐞 𝐄𝐧𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐞𝐫𝐬 -𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑺𝒉𝒂𝒅𝒐𝒘𝒔 𝑹𝒆𝒕𝒖𝒓𝒏!

    These are the Shadows from Babylon 5 TV Series.

    Wheels will take gradual damage while driving. Damage is a function of angular velocity and linear acceleration, with acceleration being the larger factor; your wheels will wear slightly faster at higher speeds, and hard acceleration, braking, and cornering will cause rapid wear. Wear will not occur at low speeds (<20 m/s) and it affects all suspension wheels, including modded!

    Also the worn tires will display a HUD notification at preset intervals of 75, 50, 25, 10, 5, and 0% remaining life.

    Rotors and hinges, separated out of AWG's Convenient Weapons Pack (since who wants to download 650MB of armour, explosives, scripts and other faff when you want juicy subgridding equipment?!)
    Thanks for the convenience!

    PS: AWG recommends to read rotor descriptions, and be careful of the flat rotors and their inverted offsets!

    Change the scenery of your world with this beautiful Gas Giant. 🪐
    • Gravity: 6.4g
    • Atmosphere: Non-breathable
    • Rings! And so many of them!
    It uses 3D-ish Clouds by DMATH

    We want to thank you for your continued work and inspiration. We will be searching, every month, for more great community additions, mods, blocks, builds. scripts, and stories. :cozyspaceengineersc:

    Have ideas on how to improve Space Engineers? Leave feedback or cast your vote on the most pressing Space Engineers topics!
    Space Engineers: Warfare 2 Broadside Thu, 03 Feb 2022 19:34 CET

    Hello, Engineers!

    The time has come! The team has been working hard on this update and today, we delivered new blocks, enhanced gameplay mechanics, and a reimagining of warfare in Space Engineers!

    Warfare 2: Broadside expands and improves vehicle combat in Space Engineers. We are continually inspired by our incredible community and so we have created this vision of war based on community feedback. Your creations, machinations, mods, stories and visions of the world of Space Engineers helped guide our efforts and deliver one of our biggest updates ever!

    The goal of Warfare 2: Broadside is to bring you more fun and engagement with Space Engineers, both on planets and in space. Defending against pirates, boarding a freighter, having a tank battle on a moon, or a breakneck dogfight through the canyons of Pertram, we believe this update will change the way you play.

    While war is the theme, we mustn’t forget that this is Space Engineers, and thus “building and creativity” remains the center of the Space Engineers universe. With this update, we are introducing a series of quality of life improvements as well as entirely new mechanics.

    Update Features
    • Arsenal of new weapons and ammunition:
      • Railgun (small and large grid)
      • Artillery (large grid)
      • Artillery Turret (large grid)
      • Assault Cannon (small grid)
      • Assault Cannon Turret (small and large grid)
      • Autocannon (small grid)
      • Autocannon Turret (small grid)
    • Target Locking, New Combat Mechanics[]
    • Decoy block changes[]
    • Custom Turret Controller block for subgrid turrets
    • Projectile Drop; Gravity impacts projectiles, railgun sabots and shells trajectory. Gravity Generators do not have any effect
    • Large caliber shell physics; shells and Railgun sabots are capable of penetrating several layers of armor
    • Weapon Damage and Armor rebalanced
    • Ammunition and Tank Detonations;
      • Any block that contains ammunition of any type will explode when destroyed by taking damage. The explosion is based on the amount and type of munitions that were inside the inventory
      • Hydrogen and Oxygen Tanks explode and deal damage based on the amount of fuel left inside of them during the time of their destruction
      • Hydrogen and Oxygen Tanks no longer lose all fuel upon being damaged below the red line, instead they slowly leak fuel. The fire particle is replaced by smoke when fuel hits 0%
    • Improved particle effects for bullets, explosions and hit effects
    • Mod API Improvements
    • New Custom Start map: Asteroid Armory
    • New block: Offset Passenger Seat
    • Increased Beacon range to 200 km, Jump Drives are now able to set Beacons as a jump-target
    • Added new graphics settings for Light Details
    • First-person camera improvement: auto look return
    • Removed the chat feature

    Warfare 2 Broadside Pack[]
    • Warfare Ion Thruster
    • Warfare Reactor
    • Warfare Hangar Door variants
    • Warfare Rocket Launcher (Rocket Launcher re-skin)
    • Warfare Gatling Gun (Gatling Gun re-skin)
    • Searchlight
    • Bridge Windows
    • Passenger Bench
    • Light Panel
    • Helm
    • Warfare Battery
    • Heat Vent
    • Sliding Hatch Door
    • Woodland Camo Armor Skin
    • Shark Mouth Helmet Skin
    • “Rock-Paper-Scissors” Emotes
    • “Salute” Emote

    Community Collaboration
    We would like to thank you, our community, for your continued support, collaboration and inspiration. You feed our “Need to Create”. A very special thank you to:
    • Darkstar
    • JTurp
    • Jakaria
    • AWG
    • NinjaPirate
    • Mexpex
    • Okim
    • Klime
    • Math0424
    • Whiplash141
    • Dondelium
    • Meridius_IX
    • Gwindalmir
    ...and so many others that have, and continue to, inspire us with their creativity, ingenuity, and passion.

    Mod API Improvements
    • IMyLargeTurretBase.GetTargetedEntity(): Now returns target grid bounding box center as Position, grid bounding box as the BoundingBox, and the targeted block position as HitPosition
    • Fixed IMyShipController's MoveIndicator, RollIndicator, and RotationIndicator so that they sync properly. There is no longer a difference in behavior between clients and hosts in multiplayer. This opens up a ton of scripting possibilities!
    • MyTransparentGeometry IMyBillboard interface
    • GameLogic additions and the ability to read files from mod folder
    • Added action for when characters use a consumable item
    • IMyVoxelMaps Additions
    • IMyShipDrill is now an IMyShipToolBase
    • Added Missing Terminal and Controller ModAPI methods
    • MySync Implementation in ModAPI
    • Block Weapon Group UI compatibility
    • Decals ModAPI Changes
    • GetFatBlocks for ModAPI
    • Grid Groups
    • IMYCubeGrid interface to Physics.ApplyDeformation
    • Fixed IMyLargeTurretBase - Azimuth and Elevation issue
    • IMyTurretControlBlock | Expose ShootDirection and m_directionBlock to the script API
    • Interface to CubeGrid.GridSystems.ConveyorSystem PullItem() and PushGenerateItem()
    • Interface to Grid.GridSystems.ResourceDistributor
    • Interface to GridSystems.GridPowerStateChanged event for ModAPI
    • Interface to GridSystems.IsTrash() property
    • Interface to GridSystems.mterminalSystem* group events
    • Interface to MyProjectile.GetSurfaceAndMaterial
    • Missiles detector for ModAPI
    • MyMissiles and MyMissile ModAPI
    • MyProjectile and MyProjectiles ModAPI
    • MyTextureChange whitelist
    • Projectile detector interface
    • Animal NPC API Expansions
    • Interface to GridSystems.m_terminalSystem_* group events
    • Added events: MyCubeGrid.OnConnectivityChanged MyCubeGrid.OnMerge
    • MyGridGasSystem Interface
    • IMyModel GetTriangle & GetVertex
    • MyGridJumpDriveSystem Interface
    • Cargo:ExternalMass
    • OnExplosion delegate to MyExplosions
    • Expose AdminSettings Getter Methods
    • Added INotifyPropertyChanging and INotifyPropertyChanged to whitelist
    • Mod API Documentation updated
    Fixes & Improvements
    • Fixed crash when toggling Ejector Override power transfer
    • Fixed infinite joining when attempting connection to an EOS DS
    • Fixed ability of DLC non-owner to weld up a projection with skins already applied (now it welds without armor skins if not owned)
    • Fixed animation incorrectly keeping welding pose for male emotes if welder equipped
    • Fixed Beacons being able to transmit ore locations (they are not supposed to)
    • Fixed black screen appearing when choosing NO in dialog after attempting to load a save from a newer version
    • Fixed block name field keeping its cursor position when switching from block with longer name to block with shorter name
    • Fixed bullets going through voxel and hitting grids inside it
    • Fixed chat command '/gps share' creating two GPSes (one activated, the other deactivated)
    • Fixed Corner armor panels being harder to aim at and weld
    • Fixed desync of predicted ship moving it forward and backward when trying to rotate with Q and E or changing status of dampeners
    • Fixed displacement of a true full-screen window after alt-tabbing
    • Fixed DSGUI being unable to create Scenarios directly through Save button
    • Fixed Experimental check being skipped when joining server through Server Details screen
    • Fixed F9 (formerly F7, spectator where the position is fixed and character controls are active) behavior when encountering highlightable objects
    • Fixed factions turning to undiscovered when managing them as an admin with Creative tools enabled
    • Fixed game stripping off DLC blocks incorrectly when paste merging grid onto existing grid on DS or in Lobby MP
    • Fixed gamepad aim assist not working
    • Fixed hit indicator not appearing around the cross-hair in 3rd person view
    • Fixed inability to regain focus/selection with gamepad after refresh in faction selection part of respawn screen
    • Fixed inconsistency of gamepad radial menus behavior allowing selection (but not placement) of unowned DLC blocks
    • Fixed Jump drive being able to jump through an obstacle
    • Fixed LCD image change interval not working correctly for values close to the update rate (Update10)
    • Fixed Linux proton mono incompatibility (Linux still not officially supported as a platform, but hopefully fix allows for easier set up now)
    • Fixed search not working at times (wildcard search is now available for <=3 characters, otherwise full-text only)
    • Fixed ModAPI IMyCubeGrid.GasSystem crashing the game when accessed too early
    • Fixed Oxygen farm incorrectly switching to full production before it updates after reload
    • Fixed personal rocket launcher firing off into different direction than wanted when crouching
    • Fixed Safe Zone being disabled on grid being split
    • Fixed Safe Zone names not being updated for clients after rename and reconnect
    • Fixed server saving on restart with "Save before restarting" being disabled because auto-save interval >0 was influencing it (moved outside of auto-restart and independent of interval)
    • Fixed ship tools being able to be engaged twice by combining methods of input
    • Fixed subgrids or landing gear locked grids taking over control of the grid
    • Fixed the ability to jump into a natural gravity environment with a jump drive (now jump is prevented)
    • Fixed thruster flames not being synchronized to others in case grid is a station
    • Fixed visual duplication of inventory contents caused by incorrect splitting of network messages (new deterministic system introduced)
    • Fixed wind turbines not checking area around pivot point for atmosphere
    • Improved ModAPI ability to place voxel maps with rotation and material (procedural and predefined asteroids, newly planets)
    • Optimized performance of placement check when casting a preview of a massive grid over existing massive grid
    • Optimized performance when trying to open and handle large amount of inventories
    • Fixed armor skin getting deleted from blocks in preview by using a line to delete existing ones
    • Fixed artificial horizon indicator not being present when controlling through remote control
    • Fixed character ragdoll bones not updating, not syncing and deforming after death
    • Fixed cloud blueprints not having thumbnails
    • Fixed collisions for Barred Windows being too thin
    • Fixed cryo-chamber emissivity when built in atmosphere (used to indicate yellow, not knowing about atmospheric oxygen)
    • Fixed descriptions for LS and RS actions in gamepad controller schemes
    • Fixed emissive status of lights not being persistent through save/reload
    • Fixed faction UI showing info about an already disbanded faction
    • Fixed female arm clipping through body when aiming down with a rocket launcher
    • Fixed female arm when holding a rifle
    • Fixed female rifle stance not being aligned with the cross-hair
    • Fixed female twisted wrist when holding a launcher whilst crouching
    • Fixed gamepad hints overlapping with other text under Mods
    • Fixed gamepad rotation hint axes staying in the world
    • Fixed grids not rotating smoothly when rotation speed was too low
    • Fixed idle male + female weapon idle animation (used to move the weapon in random directions, clipping into camera)
    • Fixed male idle animations with hand tools while flying
    • Fixed male idle pose with grinder equipped
    • Fixed male pistol animation when aiming down
    • Fixed minor art discrepancies on Passages
    • Fixed mirrored danger stickers on Assembler
    • Fixed non-block items in Toolbar config drawing description boxes over other parts of UI
    • Fixed O2/H2 generator not updating processing sounds when work is done
    • Fixed parachute not being synced to others on DS
    • Fixed passage block shading
    • Fixed ragdoll deformation on pushed disconnected clients because of weapon/tool position not updating
    • Fixed Safe Zone block collision being only a cylinder
    • Fixed Show all players admin option pointing out NPCs as well (now shows only players in sync distance for clients on DS and MP, MP host sees much further)
    • Fixed Small Light Armor Corner having an invisible edge in construction stages
    • Fixed static hints for entering/exiting symmetry setup
    • Fixed Target dummy missing control panel highlight on Low and Medium graphics
    • Fixed tooltip for button "Open in workshop" under Mods
    • Fixed tooltip for Custom data button
    • Fixed tooltip for Refresh button in Entity list
    • Fixed tooltip typo for Show antenna range under Terminal>Info
    • Fixed Turret control HUD not appearing after reconnecting/reloading while controlling a turret
    • Fixed weather temperature info not being consistent with HUD temperature readings
    • Fixed Z-fighting on kitchen block
    • Fixed Z-fighting on the sci-fi bar counter
    • Fixed visible line break in message when Jump drive jump has been truncated
    • Fixed Advanced Gamepad control Help for Camera zoom
    • Fixed capitalization for several items in Toolbar config
    • Fixed Decoy description text to also inform about lightning
    • Fixed Direct connect textbox tooltip to also include mention of hostname
    • Fixed DLC Icons overlapping loading screen tips and quotes texts
    • Fixed DSGUI save tooltip not updating after list refresh
    • Fixed Emotes being available in Cryo chamber
    • Fixed horizontal rotation movement of character not being precise/smooth enough for aiming
    • Fixed non-descript tooltip for the optional Scripter role on DS
    • Fixed shortened faction information in Online Players screen by adding a tooltip
    • Fixed symbol 1 block in Sparks of the Future shuttle being upside down
    • Fixed the ability to bind several actions to single key in controls (now one binding per key)
    • Fixed the ability to have negative number Trash removal values
    • Fixed tooltip on Continue button after last playing Uranium Heist
    • Fixed tooltip on Enable area interaction
    • Fixed wording on message when client lost connection to the server, but server was still running
    Support Site Fixes
    • Fixed a crash in Cutscene editor
    • Fixed a crash when setting Piston velocity to NaN
    • Fixed a freeze in physics when using hinges at the border of a Safe Zone
    • Fixed ability to remove online seated players by deleting grids which resulted in a crash
    • Fixed game freezing on world unload when playing in offline mode
    • Fixed game freezing when using a build planner to withdraw many components from a very complex system
    • Fixed ability to bomb grids by accelerating unfinished blocks
    • Fixed access to unowned blocks on otherwise shared grid for Faction members (same faction members can now access)
    • Fixed an error when publishing and re-publishing blueprints
    • Fixed armor deformation causing damage to surrounding blocks
    • Fixed assembler queue continuing production visually when block turned off
    • Fixed atmospheric thruster override slider being focused, selected and moved when using D-pad to change focus between panes
    • Fixed AvailableEffects not restricting the list of effects when modding Exhaust Pipe blocks
    • Fixed beacon signal disappearing after grid split even when still powered and enabled
    • Fixed behavior when joining a server after connecting to the internet from Steam offline
    • Fixed bottle fill levels not being synced to clients after auto-refill in hydrogen tanks
    • Fixed build planner shortcuts not working with Freight blocks
    • Fixed changes to block groups not propagating to the server properly
    • Fixed character stats not updating on modded suit change
    • Fixed Collision avoidance function of auto-pilot reacting to projections
    • Fixed Convert to Station disable for worlds on DS not having any effect
    • Fixed conveyor system not updating properly when using subgrids to convey resources on the same grid and breaking connection
    • Fixed cylindrical conveyors being airtight
    • Fixed dampeners on hydrogen thrusters not compensating for additional mass attached by a landing gear
    • Fixed delay in start of Hydrogen engine functionality (filling up and producing)
    • Fixed DS performance when drilling from cockpit using drills as active tools as opposed to direct on/off
    • Fixed explosive behavior when combining drills and hinges on a wheeled vehicle
    • Fixed Export model feature causing freeze when Ctrl was rebound to ship movement (like thruster down)
    • Fixed Gate block doors having collisions outside of bounding block, preventing closing when block embeded in blocks
    • Fixed Gatling Gun drawing power when turned off
    • Fixed hidden and hard-coded Jump drive charge power efficiency (80%) by exposing it to SBC and to detail info
    • Fixed Hydrogen tanks causing too high of a network load (made them update only when change is significant)
    • Fixed IMyShipMergeBlock.IsConnected returning whether the connecting is happening (now returns connected status)
    • Fixed inability to create a new scenario using a saved world in VST
    • Fixed inability to select modded characters in Medbay Character customization screen on DS
    • Fixed incorrect max required input readout for Hydrogen thruster
    • Fixed inverted controls setting for gamepad not being persistent
    • Fixed items in a block group not being interactive beyond first row in Toolbar config right-most tab
    • Fixed jetpack consumption rate not updating after changing environment from planetary to space
    • Fixed jump drive visual countdown (particles, sounds, etc...) not getting stopped when jump manually stopped
    • Fixed Jump drives not ignoring its own grid's sub-grids
    • Fixed LCD image change interval not working on DS with heavy usage (like Keen EU)
    • Fixed Light offset going in the wrong direction
    • Fixed lightning striking underground
    • Fixed lights flickering when near the limit of available light sources (new graphics setting of max lights in a radius around you)
    • Fixed misinformative tooltip for Enable respawn ships Advanced world setting
    • Fixed ModAPI not having access to RaiseBeforeDamageApplied/RaiseAfterDamageApplied
    • Fixed ModAPI not having read access to DLC status of blocks
    • Fixed ModAPI ScreenArea no longer being whitelisted
    • Fixed overflow in maximum grid mass by capping it
    • Fixed overriden Hydrogen thrusters consuming fuel even when turned off
    • Fixed oxygen not extending all the way down into canyons on planets
    • Fixed performance in safety detach checks for mechanical blocks
    • Fixed persistency of modded faction logos
    • Fixed projector drawing power even when turned off or unfinished
    • Fixed projector not getting reselected in terminal after loading in a projection blueprint
    • Fixed scrolling when scrollable list is focused
    • Fixed see-through middle barrel for Large grid rocket launcher block
    • Fixed Sensors not detecting characters when seated
    • Fixed Share inertia tensor option visibility being overridden incorrectly, making it disappear for certain mod and vanilla situations
    • Fixed Show connected/interacted inventories not being persistent
    • Fixed Solar panels working even if planet obscured vision of the sun
    • Fixed sounds played by Host through sound block in MP Lobby not being synchronized to Clients
    • Fixed tool skins changed in main menu not persisting into worlds
    • Fixed turned off and misaligned merge blocks causing a split even when not being part of a successful merge connection
    • Fixed turret settings not being synchronized to the server
    • Fixed turrets not targeting characters hidden behind embrasures
    • Fixed turrets still shooting at long detonated missiles
    • Fixed Whiplash's turret based radar script not working properly on DS
    • Fixed Xbox players not receiving achievement for finishing Frostbite
    • Fixed a hole in Small Sci-Fi atmospheric thruster on distant LoD
    • Fixed a typo in hinge block description
    • Fixed a visual hole in the top of an extended Small piston base
    • Fixed admin screen being accessible for Character screen
    • Fixed bathroom LoDs changing inconsistently
    • Fixed constant large grid ship sounds from occurring when all connected grids add up to over 500tons of mass
    • Fixed default block names not being translated to chosen localization for the observer (renamed blocks are not localized this way)
    • Fixed Enable autorespawn typo in advanced world settings
    • Fixed exhaust particles appearing larger at a distance
    • Fixed faction changes moving the faction screen for others
    • Fixed flickering on base of Antenna model
    • Fixed Gatling Turrets shooting lower than where the crosshair is (without planetary gravity affecting it)
    • Fixed heart sticker on the interior of a small industrial cockpit
    • Fixed Heavy armor sloped corner block not applying SciFi armor skin
    • Fixed missing chrome material on Large Hydrogen Thruster, Conveyor Junction and Conveyor Sorter
    • Fixed missing H key on keyboard texture
    • Fixed missing LoD0 for 1x2 Inv Window
    • Fixed missing workshop thumbnails for in-game Scripts
    • Fixed projection of a Gatling Turret splitting in two
    • Fixed red highlight in component window when welding with not enough components also appearing for the next block
    • Fixed Sci-Fi One Button Terminal button not turning yellow when action is assigned
    • Fixed script editor character count and "Too long" warning overlapping
    • Fixed small air vent not having any emissive indicators
    • Fixed small grid blast door edge not accepting armor skins
    • Fixed top mountpoint being available for small industrial cockpit
    • Fixed UI of welding/grinding info breaking upon cycling the visibility of the UI
    • Fixed veteran suit being emissive (not emissive now)
    • Fixed visual issues on 5x5 Offroad wheel
    • Fixed visual issues on Beam block
    • Fixed visual issues on Conveyor Pipes
    • Fixed visual issues on Industrial Hydrogen Tank
    • Fixed visual issues on Large Solar Panel
    • Fixed visual issues on Small Solar Panel
    • Fixed visual issues on Window Wall Left
    • Fixed visual issues on Window Wall Right
    • Fixed visual issues on Window Wall Center
    • Fixed Z-fighting on Dispenser
    • Fixed Z-fighting on Small Ship welders
    • Fixed zombie helmet being emissive (not emissive now)
    • Fixed a typo in loading screen tip about faction chat
    • Fixed access being possible from cryo-chamber
    • Fixed blast door block description
    • Fixed component imbalance of small and large conveyor junctions
    • Fixed First colonist faction being hostile to economy factions by default
    • Fixed formatting of hydrogen tank max capacity detail info
    • Fixed inconsistencies in integrity of specific Heavy and Light armor blocks
    • Fixed inconsistency in the initial charge of a small grid small battery
    • Fixed inventories in terminal not being sorted alphanumerically
    • Fixed missing Font category on the workshop
    • Fixed missing front mount points on Vertical windows
    • Fixed missing mount points on Corner firewall
    • Fixed modded radial menu pages not being numbered correctly
    • Fixed Rotation light not having any units of measurement for the rotation speed (now in RPM in detail info)
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    Warfare 2 ☠️ Combat Reimagined Mon, 17 Jan 2022 20:31 CET
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