Blog Feed en Thu, 12 Aug 2021 19:33 CEST is a Space Engineers servers list. Its goal is to provide an efficient way for players to find a server that suits their needs and also for servers owners to get more players on their servers. 60 Announcing the “War Production” Competition! Thu, 12 Aug 2021 19:33 CEST

Hello Engineers! :se:

We are excited to announce the “War Production” Screenshot Competition!

When war calls, industry answers! With the recent release of the Heavy Industry update + DLC, we’ve seen an incredible response to the art style and theme of the new blocks featured in this update. The official scenarios made by our team have also been very popular but we now look to the community to unleash their creativity using this same theme. This competition gives you the chance to showcase your design and engineering prowess! 

Winners will receive gift cards, game/DLC keys, and engineer skin sets as prizes. On top of that, some screenshots may become official loading screens in Space Engineers and/or canvas prints which will be placed around the KeenSWH offices in Prague!

Your entry could showcase a futuristic factory, a huge mining complex in a moon crater, or maybe even an army of mechs fresh off the production line. The choice is yours!

Start: Thursday, August 12th, 2021

Deadline for submissions: Sunday, September 12th, 2021

  • Create and submit screenshots of Space Engineers, inspired by “Heavy Industry”. Winners will receive prizes in the form of gift cards, game/DLC keys, and engineer skin sets.

  • The winners will be announced during a live stream with Marek and Natiq Aghayev (Lead Artist at KeenSWH) on Thursday, September 23rd, 2021.

  • The top three entries of each category will be chosen by the KeenSWH team.

For full contest details: “War Production” Screenshot Competition[]

We’re excited to see the industrial masterpieces that you create. Good luck! :selike:]]>
Announcing the “War Production” Competition! Thu, 12 Aug 2021 19:33 CEST here.]]> Space Engineers: Heavy Industry Wed, 28 Jul 2021 19:13 CEST

Hello, Engineers! 

The next Major (1.199) release for Space Engineers is upon us. Heavy Industry Introduces a whole new vision of industry in Space Engineers! A reimagining of industrial might, from lunar mining site to factory floor; smelting, refining, and mass production never looked so good.

This massive update is one of our biggest! Including DLC, Heavy Industry adds nearly 100 new blocks and block variants to Space Engineers! We hope you enjoy exploring Heavy Industry as much as we did creating it.

Update Features
  • Improved Parking brake behavior (more details in the blog post)
  • Improved Toggle Power behavior (more details in the blog post)
  • Added 64 armor panel blocks
  • Added 1x1x1 small grid merge block
  • Added 2 magnetic plate blocks
  • Added 3 LCD poster panels
  • Added new Pertam Orbiter scenario

Heavy Industry Pack[]
  • Large Magnetic Plate
  • Beam Blocks
  • Industrial Conveyor Pipes
  • Cylindrical Column
  • Vertical Button Panel
  • Large Hydrogen Tank Reskin
  • Large Cargo Container Reskin
  • Industrial Refinery
  • Industrial Assembler
  • Industrial Hydrogen Thrusters
  • Hazard Pattern Armor Skin

Community Collaboration
We would like to thank you, our community, for your continued support, collaboration and inspiration. You feed our “Need to Create”. A very special thank you to:
...and so many others that have, and continue to, inspire us with their creativity, ingenuity, and passion.

Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed a crash in DSGUI when managing saves
  • Fixed a crash in DSGUI when refreshing list of saves
  • Fixed a crash when respawning with System radial menu visible
  • Fixed a crash when trying to browse workshop via in-game browser without Steam running
  • Fixed a crash when trying to filter workshop items without Steam running
  • Fixed memory leaks when loading lots of maps in succession
  • Fixed performance issues when opening terminal with multiple antennas present
  • Fixed ability to write into faction chat while not a member
  • Fixed ammo count not being shown correctly for weapons on gamepad UI after switching to tools
  • Fixed blueprints pasted with momentum falling apart
  • Fixed crosshair appearing when aiming down sights and other players switched tools in vicinity
  • Fixed EOS processing updates even when in SP
  • Fixed faction chat being visible to everyone in the Lobby
  • Fixed handheld weapon aim in jetpack caring about relative position of a nearby grid
  • Fixed landing gear keeping attached to Hangar door even after it retracts
  • Fixed LCD highlights and interactivity for non-owner faction user and admins (enemies still cant interact)
  • Fixed model viewer tool not being able to refresh models
  • Fixed not being able to reconnect on Xbox One through F5
  • Fixed PB method CurrentCallChainDepth leaking in yield state machine
  • Fixed save/load camera issues when world was saved while in F7 spectator mode
  • Fixed scenarios files being editable in safe mode
  • Fixed ship weapons and tools not disappearing from Cockpit toolbar config after they are no longer present on the grid
  • Fixed Small transparent LCDs not being able to support rotation of the content like other LCDs
  • Fixed turrets not ignoring grid targets located in a safezone
  • Fixed wheels not returning to 0 degrees after steering stopped
  • Fixed clients not seeing landing particles for grids trying to fly off when locked to or close to a voxel
  • Fixed clipping during weapon switching animations
  • Fixed Dummy Target construction stages to contain only the base so it is less confusing to weld or grind
  • Fixed gunshot decals on a block reappearing after the block is replaced by a new one
  • Fixed male engineer shaking when aiming down with a rifle
  • Fixed minor overlap of (X) and (Y) gamepad keybind icons for build planner in L-stick
  • Fixed multiple issues with Rocket launcher reload animation in 1st person
  • Fixed Passage block group in building radial menu having an Interior pillar as its icon
  • Fixed Rocket launcher reload animation in 3rd person
  • Fixed the slow rotation of a grid not being smooth enough when gyroscopes try to stop the grid from spinning
  • Fixed thumbnails reappearing in BP screen when they are supposed to be hidden after BP deletion
  • Fixed welder not producing error sound when trying to weld without energy
  • Fixed "Saving is currently disabled" error appearing when trying to manipulate camera zoom with a controller during campaign
  • Fixed a typo in tooltip for Invert mouse scroll for block selection setting
  • Fixed a typo in tooltip for Video mode settings
  • Fixed Build planner button tooltips in Inventory containing shortcuts for mouse and keyboard when using controller

Support Site Fixes
  • Fixed a crash when a Promo image is corrupted, images are now downloaded as zip files and then extracted
  • Fixed a crash when switching to a controller
  • Fixed a crash when target dummy is in a way of a thruster flame
  • Fixed a crash when trying to multiple pistons over existing pistons
  • Fixed "Fully recharged in:" battery detail info not counting with the 80% charging efficiency
  • Fixed a loss of control for ships being unlocked by a client
  • Fixed a UI freeze when one of the characters is killed during player trading
  • Fixed camera position being perpendicular after switching from F8 to F7
  • Fixed character skin disappearing after respawn
  • Fixed Decal SBC paths pointing to a working location
  • Fixed drilled ore spawning away from the Drill tip on far away coordinates
  • Fixed EOS server search being case sensitive and only accepting small case letters
  • Fixed faction members not being kicked out of a cockpit when the sharing changed to "No share"
  • Fixed faction members not having access to blocks without computers (like lights and thrusters) on a friendly faction grid
  • Fixed functional stage welding sound also sounding when block reached 100%
  • Fixed hydrogen/gas systems causing server-side performance problems
  • Fixed IMyCameraBlock.CanScan scanning a vector in world space instead of local space
  • Fixed IMyJumpDrive not having a Recharge getter and setter
  • Fixed IMyJumpDrive not having setters or getters for jump range
  • Fixed IMyLargeTurretBase not having a setter for Range
  • Fixed IMyOxygenFarm not inheriting IMyFunctionalBlock
  • Fixed IMyParachute not having setters for autodeploy or autodeploy height
  • Fixed inability to load a world in offline mode when using local mods only
  • Fixed inability to place a medical room onto armor blocks in front of the character
  • Fixed inability to publish a blueprint which would end up having too large of a Thumbnail image
  • Fixed inconsistency in collision shapes for DLC and free new passages
  • Fixed incorrect message appearing when a publish to workshop fails
  • Fixed Interior turret max range being still listed as 800 meters instead of the new 400 since Warfare 1
  • Fixed mining a specific type of boulder with a ship drill affecting all the boulders of that type in the world
  • Fixed ModPI.InGame.IMyCameraBlock.IsActiveLocal for programmable block to be usable in MP
  • Fixed multiple issues with ship drills not being able to drill voxel at times
  • Fixed overridden atmospheric thrusters still consuming power in space (electricity consumed is now dependent on the actual thrust provided)
  • Fixed players being able to change settings of access denied blocks
  • Fixed players being able to change values of access denied blocks
  • Fixed rotor displacement setter
  • Fixed ships with subgrids not using thrusters for dampening correctly
  • Fixed sim speed performance for scenes with complex hydrogen systems
  • Fixed Small Grid Piston Heads having no side mount points
  • Fixed small grid window collisions
  • Fixed Space ball blocks not updating in artificial gravity
  • Fixed survival progression armor block inconsistency by unlocking round heavy armor from the beginning
  • Fixed the inability to mine boulders with ship drills
  • Fixed thrusters consuming less power using inertial dampeners than when being overriden to achieve the same thrust
  • Fixed tools working faster when spamming LMB
  • Fixed vehicle wheels blueprinted before fixing steering not returning steering degree back to 0 upon pasting
  • Fixed whitelisted wheeled vehicles not being able to enter a safezone
  • Fixed workshop item visibility resetting to public when updated
  • Fixed Armor Corner 2x1x1 Base having incorrect shape of the construction stages
  • Fixed broken savanah tree textures on high details
  • Fixed build planner withdraw components action not doing anything on a controller
  • Fixed detected ore positions still appearing in the world after the whole node was drilled
  • Fixed inability to see hydrogen thruster flames while sitting in cockpit
  • Fixed projected O2/H2 generator emitting sound as if it was fully built and working
  • Fixed stretched textures on 2/4 corners of Passage 3 Cross block
  • Fixed Z-fighting on Passage 3 T-Junction block
  • Fixed a typo in the German localisation of Cryochamber description
  • Fixed incorrect tooltip for Edit button in faction screen
  • Fixed irrelevant error messages when failing to use controller paint interface
  • Fixed missing spacing in Keybinding for systems interactions section
  • Fixed Weapon rack storage volume to be consistent with the outside amount of weapon visuals
Space Engineers: Heavy Industry Wed, 28 Jul 2021 19:13 CEST here.]]> “Heavy Industry” live stream!🚀 Mon, 26 Jul 2021 15:58 CEST
Please join us for the “Heavy Industry” live stream!🚀

🚀 Wednesday, July 28th, 5 pm UTC



“Heavy Industry” live stream!🚀 Mon, 26 Jul 2021 15:58 CEST here.]]> “Heavy Industry” - Releasing later this month.🥳 Mon, 12 Jul 2021 19:19 CEST
“Heavy Industry” - Releasing later this month.🥳

“Heavy Industry” - Releasing later this month.🥳 Mon, 12 Jul 2021 19:19 CEST here.]]> Steam Summer Sale! Thu, 24 Jun 2021 17:50 CEST
Space Engineers is 30% off! :selike:

Feed your “Need to Create”!

All official servers are now online. Sat, 29 May 2021 14:39 CEST
All official servers are now online.

All official servers have been rolled back 24 hours.

Hotfix 198.033 is live.

PC 🖥

Xbox 🎮

Thank You.🛠️

All official servers are now online. Sat, 29 May 2021 14:39 CEST here.]]> Hotfix 198.031 is live!🔧 Thu, 20 May 2021 19:10 CEST
Hotfix 198.031 is live!🔧

🧩Added 3 passage variants “T”, “Corner”, and “Window” added to DLC

🧩Updated Mod SDK with all missing content

Full details:

Hotfix ~ 198.027 Thu, 29 Apr 2021 16:42 CEST
➡️Rockets VS Dummies, rockets now win.
➡️Weapon swap animation fix
➡️Fix for failure to join “mod-heavy” server



Hotfix ~ 198.027 Thu, 29 Apr 2021 16:42 CEST here.]]> Space Engineers - Warfare 1: Field Engineer Thu, 22 Apr 2021 19:01 CEST

Hello, Engineers!

The next major release for Space Engineers is upon us. Warfare 1: Field Engineer provides you with new choices in how you create and destroy. Field Engineers is the first installment in our all-new Warfare content! Warfare 1 doesn't just focus on the Engineer, it also includes new blocks to outfit your base, space station, or fortress. Prepare your defense or lay siege like never before.
Update Features
  • Damage, Hit and Enemy player Indicator
  • Vertical and horizontal recoil functionality for hand weapons
  • Hand weapons rebalance
  • Added Three S Series Pistols
  • Added Two Rocket Launchers
  • Implemented reload animations for all hand weapons
  • Brand New Rifle shot sounds
  • Hand weapons ammo rework
  • Magazines visual overhaul
  • Target Dummy Block
  • Two New Passage Blocks
  • New PvP Scenaio - Uranium Heist
  • Optimized voxel physics shape prefetch
  • Voxel texture arrays streaming - Textures, Shaders & Mipmaps
  • New light texture for Car spotlights
  • Players names for combat scenarios
  • Added Friendly Fire world setting for MP
  • Added Team balancer and Match session components and world setting for MP PvP scenarios
  • Added Match administration for PvP scenarios
  • Added Faction score UI for PvP scenarios (3 teams)
  • Added Character speed multiplier world setting
  • Added Recoil world setting
  • Added Environment damage multiplier world setting
  • Added Gamepad aim assist and world setting for it (turned off by default for MP)
  • Added Backpack despawn timer override world setting
  • Added Allow building projection to global filter and safezones
  • Added Game UI options for selecting color/transparency of new hit indicator
  • Added Consumable assembler category
  • Added Damage turned off and Grid is immune notifications
Warfare 1: Field Engineer Pack:[]
  • Fire Cover Block
  • Half Window Block
  • Weapon Rack Block
  • 5 Passage Blocks
  • Embrasure Block
  • 2 new Emotes
  • Assault Suit skin

Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed a crash when creating random lightning
  • Fixed a crash when Safezone filter UI stayed visible even when disconnected from session and user interacted with it
  • Fixed a crash when trying to upload a mod when its files are being actively modified or are corrupted
  • Optimized how grids are loading, had impact on world loading, projection spawning as well
  • Changed "Enable friendly turret damage" Advanced world option description being misleading, it only applies to any missile damage
  • Fixed DSGUI being slow when trying to load large worlds
  • Fixed floating but otherwise unmoving grids not falling down after thrusters were removed
  • Fixed floating objects in gravity synchronizing each frame, causing traffic even when not actually changing position
  • Fixed Gatling turrets not being able to detect enemies behind it
  • Fixed GDPR agreement changes persisting even when trying to discard changes by exiting the Game settings with Escape
  • Fixed headshot feature not working as intended
  • Fixed hydrogen storage percentage reaching up to 500%
  • Fixed inability to add plugins for vanilla Dedicated Server
  • Fixed inability to export objects with Ctrl+Alt+E
  • Fixed inability to modify manually placed asteroids with a voxel hand
  • Fixed inability to start a newly made local scenario directly after publishing it
  • Fixed Interior turrets doing more damage than intended due to them not respecting Damage multiplier
  • Fixed Join game->Game browser not updating when max player was changed while Lobby was running
  • Fixed jump drive countdown state being remembered in blueprints
  • Fixed Landing gear incorrectly switching from "Ready to lock" to "Locked" state after a grid was split even when autolock was specifically disabled
  • Fixed large Industrial cockpit having default collision cube (while still a cube it is now not the default one)
  • Fixed meteor grid damage not respecting Global permissions
  • Fixed possible piston clang behavior due to Z axis force limits not being checked
  • Fixed rare inability to turn on gamepad while the game was already running
  • Fixed Sabiroids returning to Idle mode when server was restarted while chasing somebody
  • Fixed specific incorrect Programmable block behavior when reusing MyIni
  • Fixed subgrids previously lifted by rotor strength not falling down immediately after rotor was turned off with Braking torque set to 0
  • Fixed the ability to paste floating objects into grids
  • Fixed the ability to place blocks inside the extended parts of a piston
  • Fixed the ability to select and place unresearched block with a gamepad
  • Fixed the Open workshop button in the Gamepad Simple New game screen not actually doing anything
  • Fixed turrets shooting above wolves because of the wolves' incorrect collision box size
  • Fixed voxel hand being usable when character is dead
  • Fixed wheels being able to rotate the whole vehicle when the handbrake is engaged
  • Fixed broken Cryo Chamber texture on High details
  • Fixed broken deformation bones on multiple armor blocks
  • Fixed character not immediately switching animation when running out of hydrogen
  • Fixed destroyed bushes leaving black cubes behind
  • Fixed Merge block LoD model being rotated 90 degrees
  • Fixed mirrored Grated Half Stairs not changing LoD models in construction stages
  • Fixed missing Small lightning damaged state particles
  • Fixed unfitting LoD2 texture for Airtight Hangar Door
  • Fixed UV textures for Grated (Half) Stairs
  • Fixed visual bug in Assembler production screen when inventory is full while trying to produce items
  • Fixed incorrect order and formatting of columns in Friends tab of a Join game screen on Xbox
  • Fixed Mods screen not refreshing correctly after subscribing to a new mod
  • Fixed Sensor block having max required input of 0 W at all times
  • Fixed two different weathers being the same name in French localization (Orage léger)
  • Fixed rare crash of dedicated server (EOS)
  • Fixed crash in Model viewer
  • Fixed network performance issues for floating object, backpack, safezone block and waypoint
  • Fixed crash in resource distributor
  • Fixed black screen issue after suspending game on Xbox console
Support Site Fixes
  • Fixed a crash when a character tried to spawn on a projected Medical room
  • Fixed a crash when normally unavailable Show on HUD was activated for antennas
  • Fixed a crash when opening weather admin screen in French localization
  • Fixed a crash when sending "/nml" in the chat
  • Optimized History and Favorites tab be more performant
  • Fixed ability to set NaN (not a number) value to wheel settings, causing unpredictable behavior
  • Fixed Advanced door subparts damaging the character when grid accelerates
  • Fixed assembler in cooperative mode trying to produce ingots when paired with a survival kit
  • Fixed assemblers consuming ingots when producing while inventory is full
  • Fixed asteroid embeded station becoming dynamic when removing blocks in certain configurations
  • Fixed Cryo Pod managing O2 incorrectly
  • Fixed existence of blocks being built by multiple people desynchronizing on DS
  • Fixed gasses not being able to pass through Sorters in the correct direction
  • Fixed Good.Bot forgetting already finished tutorials between sessions
  • Fixed hydrogen not being used when character in jetpack flew in one direction only
  • Fixed in-game text editor becoming unresponsive when holding Alt or having mechanically stuck keys
  • Fixed inability to build from cockpit (Ctrl+G) in survival lobby games
  • Fixed inability to load older saves without newer data
  • Fixed inability to save worlds with names longer than 12 characters
  • Fixed infinite loading screen when trying to load world which was saved and exited while character was dead
  • Fixed Lightning not hitting decoys as a priority
  • Fixed merge blocks not merging in certain situations
  • Fixed overriden thrusters on stations incorrectly consuming power when turned off
  • Fixed Particle.UserRadiusMultiplier not working properly for Mods
  • Fixed planets being listed as spawn sites even when situated beyond the playable world limits
  • Fixed previous unsuccessful renaming of blueprints compounding in the confirmation dialog
  • Fixed Programmable block raycasts not checking for pitch and yaw angles correctly
  • Fixed republishing of an existing mod getting rid of previously set categories
  • Fixed Russian localization for Antenna range slider
  • Fixed ship toolbar not working properly with a gamepad
  • Fixed Sloped corner heavy armor tip being easier to destroy than the light variant
  • Fixed Sorter not pulling items properly when grid has timers turning conveyor systems on/off, confusing it
  • Fixed Terminal Control panel UI not updating selection when trying to control the left pane with arrow keys
  • Fixed Timer block delay slider not showing correct time
  • Fixed transparency issues for buildable and non-buildable parts of a projection
  • Fixed unresponsive server not noticing the disconnection of a player, preventing said player from reconnecting again
  • Fixed Visual scripting tool not saving nodes properly for scenarios
  • Fixed wheels incorrectly having access to Share inertia setting
  • Fixed wheels making a flying grid uncontrollable
  • Fixed wind sounds from fast character moving through atmosphere persisting through death
  • Fixed hydrogen engine energy output being incorrectly included in calculations for stored energy duration
  • Fixed Mods disappearing from radial menu in Survival mode after enabling Creative tools
  • Fixed OK button graying out inexplicably when toggling categories before Publishing a mod
  • Fixed parachute hatch not present in production screen
  • Fixed Realistic sound mode not affecting weather sounds
  • Fixed Small grid text panel appearing as upside down on Low/Medium settings
  • Fixed transparent textures on Yield modules with Low/Medium settings
  • Fixed Altimeter and artificial horizon being present when in spectator mode
  • Fixed an error in German translation for wheel Strength setting
  • Fixed block description tooltips being too large in Russian localization
  • Fixed Chinese localization characters/expressions being shifted a bit in the UI
  • Fixed crosshair being off-center when seat is not aligned with camera
  • Fixed grammar in Search contract description text
  • Fixed small grid conveyor tube having gray edges
  • Fixed UI sounds happening when using hand tools through gamepad
  • Fixed double tapping issue on hand weapons
  • Fixed Silicon naming for Italian language
Visual Scripting Tool
  • Fixed Tooltips getting stuck
  • Fixed Arithmetic node crash when missing inputs
  • Fixed Crash on making new scripts
  • Fixed New mission nodes not saving
  • Fixed FloatingObject entities not triggering AreaTrigger events
  • Added New Functions:
  • Added New Events:
    -MatchStateChanged (+Key)
    -MatchStateEnded (+Key)
    -MatchStateStarted (+Key)
Space Engineers update stream! Mon, 19 Apr 2021 17:50 CEST
Please join us for a Space Engineers update stream! 😁

🚀 Thursday, April 22nd, 5pm UTC



Warfare 1: “Field Engineer” ⚔️ Sun, 18 Apr 2021 16:14 CEST
Ready for war...

Warfare 1: “Field Engineer” - Releasing later this month. 🥳

Warfare 1: “Field Engineer” ⚔️ Sun, 18 Apr 2021 16:14 CEST here.]]> Warfare 1: “Field Engineer” ⚔️ Mon, 12 Apr 2021 16:53 CEST
Armor up Engineer. :se:

Warfare 1: “Field Engineer” - Releasing later this month. 🥳

Warfare 1: “Field Engineer” ⚔️ Mon, 12 Apr 2021 16:53 CEST here.]]> Sounds of Space Engineers winners announced. Thu, 08 Apr 2021 20:21 CEST Greetings Engineers!

We want to start by thanking everyone that submitted an entry to our Sounds of Space Engineers music competition. What an incredible turnout!

With over 300 submissions we extended the deadline for judging and pushed our release announcement Live Stream one week. This provided us with time to listen, judge, and enjoy all of the incredible music you sent us.

We have decided to extend our “winners” category from containing the top three to the top 15! Not only this, all winning entries will be awarded a prize package that includes: $50 Steam or Zazzle Gift Card + Space Engineers Ultimate Edition (PC or Xbox) + 3 Character Skin Sets, as well as the opportunity to have their submissions featured, in-game, on the Space Engineers Jukebox!

Our contest winners, in no specific order:

  • Entropy - Epicarmina
  • Space Pirates - Bart Zeal & Ruben Isarin
  • The City Lies - Exelan
  • SpaceItOut - SWAUSAGE
  • Sector 347 - Jan Altherr
  • Designing The Fleet - Limnull
  • Last Day on Triton - Aaron Schxfer
  • EXODUS - Gordon Saverimuthu
  • Sands of the Slave Princess - Windflower Falls
  • Growing Wild - Timo Letsch
  • Space Angels - Musicfonts
  • Into the Asteroid Field - Lynxi Ft. Umbria
  • Colossus On Fire - Dave Rodriguez
  • Timeless Space - Marcin Kłysewicz
  • Space Engineers Main Theme (EPIC COVER) - KhydroDjent

Honorable Mention:

  • Space Elevator - Gordon Saverimuthu

Sounds of Space Engineers winners announced. Thu, 08 Apr 2021 20:21 CEST here.]]> Warfare 1: “Field Engineer” Mon, 05 Apr 2021 17:10 CEST
Warfare 1: “Field Engineer” - Releasing later this month. 🥳

This is only the beginning.🤯

"Sounds of Space Engineers" has concluded! Wed, 31 Mar 2021 16:10 CEST

Thank you for your submissions!

Due to the overwhelming response, we now plan to select additional winners!

We will be taking an additional week to review your (300+) entries! :selike:

Announcement stream - April 8th @ 6PM UTC

Changelog – Hotfix - 1.197.180 Fri, 12 Mar 2021 15:32 CET

  • Added reworked workshop consent
  • - Fixed mod's failing to update correctly
  • - Fixed blurry post processing
  • - Fixed infinite joining to EOS with incorrect date
  • - Fixed a crash at Blocks.MyLightingBlock
  • - Fixed a crash at MyCloudRenderer.Render
  • - Fixed a crash at Sandbox.Game.Gui.MyGuiScreenAdminMenu.Cycle_Implementation
  • - Fixed a crash at Sandbox.Game.Gui.MyGuiScreenAdminMenu.PrepareWeatherDefinitions
  • - Fixed a crash at Sandbox.Game.Gui.MyGuiScreenJoinGame.RankedServerQueryComplete
  • - Fixed a crash at Sandbox.Game.Screens.MyGuiScreenMods.OnOpenInWorkshopClick
  • - Fixed a crash at System.IO.Compression.ZipArchive.ReadEndOfCentralDirectory
  • - Fixed a crash at VRage.EOS.MyEOSServerDiscovery
  • - Fixed a crash at VRage.EOS.MyEOSServerDiscovery.GetFilters
  • - Fixed a crash at VRage.EOS.MyEOSServerDiscovery.OnConnectDone
  • - Fixed a crash at VRage.Mod.Io.MyModIoWorkshopQuery
  • - Fixed a crash at VRage.Render11.Sprites.MySpritesRenderer
  • - Fixed a crash at VRage.XIM.MyXIMLobbyDiscovery.OnLobbyCreated
  • - Fixed a crash at VRageRender.MyVoxelMaterials.UpdateFoliage

For more information, please see our extended patch notes here:]]>
Changelog – Hotfix - 1.197.180 Fri, 12 Mar 2021 15:31 CET here.]]> Changelog – Hotfix - 1.197.168 Fri, 12 Feb 2021 17:17 CET

  • Temporarily removed from Steam version
  • Modded crossplay is temporarily unavailable -> vanilla crossplay is still available
  • Access restored to local blueprints
  • Fixed a crash in mods trying to overwriting decal counts in render
Changelog – Hotfix - 1.197.168 Fri, 12 Feb 2021 17:17 CET here.]]> Update 197.1 - Community Crossplay Thu, 11 Feb 2021 15:46 CET

Hello, Engineers!

Ever since our initial release of Space Engineers on the Xbox platform, we have worked hard to provide the best Space Engineers experience for everyone, regardless of platform. Today’s release takes us one step closer to bridging the gap between PC and Xbox communities by ensuring that every Space Engineer can build, create, and imagine with friends on their platform of choice.

Update Features
  • Added crossplay between PC and Xbox players
  • Added Epic Online Services category into PC Join screen server browser (players can switch between steam and EOS there)
  • Added mod support to Xbox version (certain restrictions apply)
  • Added support for Dedicated server
  • Added support for PC Client
  • Added option to mute player voice across platforms
  • Added option to mute specific players in text chat as well
  • Added Piston head available as a separate block
  • Changed Campaign and scenario settings to once again be editable, but only in experimental
  • Optimized decals (wheel imprints have separate pool, bullet holes do not deplete pool for imprints for example)
Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed a crash at SharpDX.DirectInput.Device.GetProperty
  • Fixed a crash when resuming Xbox game after suspending in lobby
  • Fixed a crash when spawning predefined asteroid small_overhang
  • Fixed a crash when suspending Xbox game while inside a lobby
  • Fixed an Out of Memory crash which happened due to increased binary size
  • Fixed blueprint screen not correctly managing newly subscribed items (freeze, not showing, not downloading)
  • Fixed a partially unresponsive state of the xbox game when returning to main menu after being disconnected from a session after suspend
  • Fixed admin teleport not working with gamepad
  • Fixed inability to spawn blueprints which are close to the overall PCU limit (99,999 out of 100,000 in one BP for example)
  • Fixed Join game screen not showing relevant servers for EOS (Official servers are now always visible, servers can be searched for if not in the list)
  • Fixed problems with spawning planets in console compatible worlds (now up to 3 planets total of any type can be in the world and UI updates accordingly)
  • Fixed Sabiroids getting stuck under and in grids when emerging from voxel
  • Fixed the inability to focus search field with a controller in the in-game workshop screen
  • Fixed voxel always not reacting to one of the ship drills in a drill array
  • Fixed wheels twitching mid flight when external forces were applied (gyroscope for example)
  • Fixed Safe zone block having an old highlight on terminal interactive part
  • Fixed scrolling in New game->Workshop not being smooth
  • Fixed scrolling through Load game screen not being smooth
  • Fixed spawn points blinking due to unnecessary refresh on Xbox
  • Fixed streaming indicator to be shown for the whole duration of the streaming process, not just the beginning
  • Fixed UI scale affecting black shroud in respawn screen
  • Fixed unnecessary column label refresh when cycling through Join game screen tabs
  • Fixed a typo in Buggy cockpit block description (save to safe)
  • Fixed a typo in one of the error screens related to Mods
Support Site Fixes
  • Fixed Hydrogen tanks causing high network load
  • Fixed projected grids taking up more than 1 PCU per projected block
  • Fixed various types of voxel materials randomly appearing on Europa
Update 197.1 - Community Crossplay Thu, 11 Feb 2021 15:46 CET here.]]>