Sigma Draconis Cluster [24/7]

Sigma Draconis Cluster [24/7]
Hostname Sigma Draconis
Status Checked 2 minutes ago
Players 14 / 30
Location United States of America
Version 1197069
Platform Windows
Map Sigma Draconis
Registered by SigmaDraconis
Registered since June 3rd, 2019 06:11 PM EST
Last update October 13th, 2020 04:34 PM EST
Tag(s) Faction Modded PvE PvP Roleplay Survival Torch

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Score 608
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The Draconis Cluster are a different breed of Space Engineers Servers run Professionally by Players like you!

We are running our 8 Torch-based Space Engineers Servers across 4 Machines hosted in a Datacenter - 4 x i9-9900k Machines each with 64gb of RAM. Each Server can reliably hold 30 Players, at or close to 1.00 Sim Speed.

Server Description:

We currently run upwards of 50+ mods and consider suggestions from the community for more.

No PCU limit, with reasonable utility block limits to keep server performance high.

Modified version of Tech Blocks to offset those block limits and provide end game content, to also encourage interaction through our gate network.

One Time Supply Drop Pod™ for every player to help you get established, along with custom spawn pods and Progression disabled for a rapid start.

Custom NPCs and Mods built by our admin team, along with admin-led Storyline and Lore events.

Our own custom star systems with modded planets and moons.

Unlimited world size, venture out as far as you want or live close to the action.

PvP is enabled and encouraged, with alliances between factions and player pirates. We also make use of a 'grid blaster' function to encourage PvP where individual grids fall outside of excessive limits.

Scripting is enabled and monitored for the health of the server, simply ask for the role.

Ongoing events that will result in changes to the systems and/or rewards for players, with our dedicated Events server.

A Garage system to allow you to store one of your grids for later use.

Use a jump gate to move from one of our "Home" servers to Omicron, and from there to any of the other 5 systems. You can bring your grids with you!

Planetary Capture points on all of our Servers where you have to use Rovers or get out on foot for control over the point.

Private Patreon Server with pre-release content called Cattus to design and test your builds.

Server Multipliers:
Player Inventory - x25
Refinery Speed - x3
Assembler Speed -x3
Grinder Speed - x3
Welder Speed - x3
Cargo Inventory - x2

Tech Versions:
(Note: Tech versions of the Blocks will also Stack on the Base Multipliers to increase the Speeds even more based on the level of Tech you use.)
Common Tech - x2
Rare Tech - x4
Exotic Tech - x8

Grid & Player Max Speeds:
Large Grid Speed: 140m/s
Small Grid Speed: 200m/s
Player Speed: 210m/s

Draconis Mod List: (Click the Image below.)

Our Discord is Welcoming and has dedicated channels for Player concerns, as well as modlist suggestions. We also have an Automated Ticket System for Support. (Click the Image below to Join.)

(Note: If you are unable to join Sigma Draconis due to population levels, as it is a very popular Server, please consider one of our other home systems listed below.)

"Home" Systems

Sigma Draconis |
Tau Draconis |
Delta Draconis |
Epsilon Draconis |
Theta Draconis |
Lambda Draconis |

In addition to these six home systems, we also have:

Omicron Draconis IP:
• Omicron is our PvP/PvE "Nexus" system, containing Jump Gates to each of the other 5 Servers. It is also host to the hostile "Brotherhood of Clang", our custom NPC faction using the Modular Encounters! (Script by Lucas/Meridiux IX.)

Gamma Draconis IP:
• Gamma is our player trading hub, where members of all factions can use the facilities, purchase tiered tech components and more!


14 Online Players

Mike321go, DVSer, d_rock, Fuzzy, Gedeon, -Deathisdue-, Yomil, Drod2789, JoliStev, Plume羽, Paladin, Carbon, spyder, triggered metis

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