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Hostname Part Time SE Extreme NPC's PVE ONLY
Status Checked 2 minutes ago
Players 6 / 20
Location United States of America
Version 1204018
Platform Windows
Map Part Time SE Extreme NPC's PVE
Registered by Godby
Registered since July 7th, 2024 04:53 PM EST
Last update July 7th, 2024 04:53 PM EST
Tag(s) Faction Modded PvE Survival Torch

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About This Server

motd for the Part Time SE Extreme NPC's PVE only
Block Limits
60000 MaxBlocksPerPlayer
Small Grids 20000 Blocks
Large Grids 30000 Blocks
Other Block Limits will warn you over time
Join Discord for more hangar commands ect.
Type !discord in-game chat
!entities refresh - Do not do this while sitting in your grid it will crash your client
First of All hello and welcome this has been a long time coming. In front of you will be Transporters
With Buttons for you to click one is for the Enhanced Sector, Xplanets sector And Normal Earth and Alien
Sectors. All Rules are the same across my servers Keep that in mind.
Hanger Mod Is Added please find the commands on the discord channel Linked Between Servers
if you scream for help in space would it be loud enough 😛

Please be sure to add a Beacon & Antenna to any grid that you create also 10 blocks or more fully built .
each time you crash a ship.... you owe your first born

Things To know
Please Rename any Grids you make. Add a Vanilla Antenna Use a Rotor for a smaller Antenna on large grids.

If you have issues with the grid please use !fixship.

If you Do not like some block limits please check block limits link on the MOTD some have not been added yet Also Check your limits with !blocklimit mylimit.

Lost Ship try !grids list

NPC's now clean every restart so be aware of taking over npc near restarts.

If voxels become a problem Please try (!entities refresh) do not do this while seated as it will crash the client.

ores not Showing? please go to ShaderCache2 folders in your user/roaming folder of the game. and in the steam install folder of the game aswell. And remove them.

Restarts are 6:10am/6:10pm 12:10am/12:10pm Also Asteroids reset every Tuesday and Saturday at 00:00

Please remember while using the drill and fills to be sure to have a big enough cargo for the stones

(3 Strike Rule in place Fail to follow the rules the third time you will be banned) Do not use stupid PCU on grids we will chat about it if you do.
1. You must build 10k away from the spawn area this is a must Do not make me come out there.
2. Please Remember to name your grids as no named grids can be wiped This includes Grid, Static, Small, Large.
3. Grid Limits are set for a reason.
4.(Rename Any Grids You Make !! This makes for better and easier cleanups)
Tech Support

kind regards staff team at Part Time SE

6 Online Players

zemogry, girtsmillers2, Haleon, NeoMaximus, Wildstrider214, Tschecksn