Ramblers Frontier

Ramblers Frontier
Hostname Ramblers Frontier B
Status Checked 3 minutes ago
Players 0 / 20
Location Australia
Version 1191108
Platform Windows
Map Ramblers Lawless Void
Website http://se.our-game.net/indexb.html
Registered by xphoenixxx
Registered since April 3rd, 2015 05:51 PM EST
Last update July 6th, 2018 09:39 PM EST
Tag(s) Faction Modded PvE PvP Roleplay Survival

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Now at: to improve performance.

Unlimited survival server.
For a rough map of the region see: http://phoenixx.wox.org/map/map.pl Use mouse buttons and scroll wheel to rotate pan and zoom the map.
NPC ships, exploration mode ships, pirates, planets, Oxygen Enabled. Pressurization disabled. No Showers..
Now running Frontier Economy mod for trading.
Managed from Australia

Challenge Level: Moderate.

Just try to stay alive!

1: Salvage ships if at war and/or npc and/or no power and/or
drifting and/or damaged and/or shooting at you
2: Attack online players, its more fun. Although more covert raids
can occur any time.
3: If it moves, kill it, kill it dead, if not dead use more guns,
then try again. If it doesn't move, steal it. If you can't steal it
blow it up. If you cant blow it up, leave it the hell alone!
4: Rules were made to be broken see the lawless part?

Ramblers frontier - it stretches from Jupiter outwards. After Pluto you got Ramblers Lawless void keep going and you hit the Oort Cloud... Often Literally.

The story so far...
After rushing to the new mining boom near Jupiter you
had everything, fortune, fame, food.. air. But the high life is
also rather boring.. you crave excitement.. sure there is
the OOrt cloud but you are bored not suicidal.. the AIs
(or the asteroids) always win there.. eventually..

So what else is there.. you heard stories about the void.. as
a kid... but void sort of sounds rather empty.. until that
is you saw it on the news.. they finally found it.. that
Planet X which had been bothering astronomers for nearly
a century. Damn thing had a moon.. no wonder they could
never find it, that moon gave it an orbit more eccentric than
anyone ever guessed.. has an entire menagerie of asteroids
following it around too... the void just got a whole lot less
empty it seems.. and a whole lot more profitable.. they say
there is something odd about that moon too.. nobody who went
there has been seen again since.. they stuck some quarantine
warning on there too.. something must have spooked them good.

Sounds interesting. So here you are.

It is worse than the stories. Everything tries to kill you out
here. It's a hard life. The mining companies ran from the
asteroid storms. The police gave up when the AIs destroyed
their base. The small time miners all turned pirate.
That new planet is like a damn black hole.. it will
try to kill you too.. and that moon.. well there is a good
chance something there wants you dead too, since nobody ever
came back to tell about it.

But.. there is a lot of ore out here....
... and it is certainly not boring..


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