Houston, We Have Another Public Test Coming Your Way!

Posted on February 13th, 2019 09:29 AM EST

Hello, Engineers!

Can there ever be too many public tests?

We don’t think so.:steamhappy:

We’re excited to announce that there will be a public test on Thursday, February 14th, beginning at 10 am UTC and running until Monday, February 18th, 10 am UTC!


New Features:

-Intro video
-Main menu background videos

Gameplay Tweaks:

-Landing gear components
-Basic refinery components
-Inventory size updated (Character: 3x, Blocks: 1x)
-New settings for custom blocks multiplier
-Respawn screen help in tooltip
-Ore detector dependency in progression tree
-Asteroid ores balance
-Minimum distance when spawning near other players
-Improved space spawn ship
-Early gameplay has been sped up

Bug Fixes & Improvements:

-Invisible parachutes on client
-Preloading of voxels, textures and models
-Voxel related fixes (holes in drilled asteroids etc.)
-Ragdoll fixes (improved ragdoll in multiplayer, various bugs fixed)
-Don’t delete respawn ships in scenarios
-Fixed fragile spawn ships (broken in catwalk)
-Performance optimization on disconnected static grids
-Players should be able to disable intro video in the settings or command-line
-Many other smaller bugs


-Shared progression tree in the faction
-Rebalanced hydrogen engine and internal hydrogen capacity increased
-Progression tree improvements
-New progression UI
-Spawn system toggle for new features in world settings
-Anti-griefing changes
-Put rifle and 3 x magazines to all drop pods' cargos
-Add checkbox to world settings for weapon, disable by default in survival scenarios
-Weapon shot distance
-Remove random distance
-Make better guns shoot on better range: 400, 500, 600, 700
-Reintroduced ragdoll for space engineer
-Cargo/encounter PCUs reworked with its own pool, setup in world settings
-Introduced maximum grid size limit in world settings
-Survival rebalance
-New voxel trash removal tool for admins
-Unified functional colors for all blocks (powered, not-powered etc.)

As always, we encourage everyone to try out all of the new features. Players will be able to submit their feedback on all of these features via a survey at the end of the test.

Branch code/password: Available when the test goes live.

Instructions on how to access the public test:

1. Select the game from your library, right click and select properties.
A dialog box with a number of tabs will appear, you’re looking for one that says "BETAS".
2. You will see 2 things now, a drop down menu and a text box to enter a beta access code. Enter the password provided here and choose playtest branch from the drop down menu.

There will be 2-4 servers for the public test; the number of servers will depend on how many engineers suit up for this test.

Thanks for reading and have fun!

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