Space Engineers Update 01.117

Posted on January 15th, 2016 01:57 PM EST
Space Engineers Update 01.117 has been released with roadmap and bug fixes.

For this week we prepared a roadmap highlighting the future plans for both of our games. It covers everything that will be implemented in the coming months for Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers. Follow the link to Marek’s blog for more details:
We also released a brand new modding guide for creating mount-points in Space Engineers. Today's update also brings a new batch of bug fixes like physics crashes, sensor lag, improved gameplay experience and performance when copying and pasting objects.

- Stations can now be pasted into voxels

Official Modding Guide - Mountpoints
This is the official guide for creating mount-points in Space Engineers. Mount-points determine areas where each block can be attached to another:

- fixed paste lag
- fixed crashes in Havok
- fixed crashes with rotors
- fixed sensor lags servers
- fixed bags not despawning
- fixed oxygen not depleting after exiting cockpit/medical room
- fixed projector remembering its components in inventories
- fixed cannot paint "Passage Way" block in DX9
- fixed volume being too loud
- fixed automatic rifle particle effect size
- fixed shooting sound not synchronized

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