Community Spotlight 🧐 May 2023

Posted on June 4th, 2023 05:21 AM EST

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Our favorite pastime is browsing through the workshop - we are in love with all the creations our players are constantly sharing. 💫

We can't wait every month to spotlight mods and blueprints that catch our eye and have the potential to make your time in Space Engineers more interesting and unique.

Here is our spotlight for the month of May! 🤩

Hippopotamus Mech! Bison Wagon! Frog Mount! And much, much more!
This mod adds blocks that allow you to configure Inventory Management and Production Queues without the need for scripts.
This mod gives players and admins the power to add, remove, and modify ores present on each planet. It supports vanilla and modded planets and ores.

It uses a tunable algorithm to determine how much or little of an ore spawns on a planet, as well as the depth at which it spawns and the size of the deposits.
A long time ago, on a faraway planet.An arsenal of those who competed to be king of the seas of the planet Rodrin.
A mod from Stargate universe - contains corridors, walls an FTL (VSL) jump engine, walls and more.
Welcome to the future of Power this mod designed with the animation engine to bring you new powerful power supplies that are also animated to give your builds some more life.
“Welcome aboard the Soraia, your last stop before the big leagues!”

You have spent the last half year of your combat pilot training aboard the patrol carrier AICN Soraia and are just about done with your tour when things go south.
A scrapyard style encounter pack meant for use with the water mod.
Control seat is located in the back of the cabine. You can reach it from behind the cabine!

Press 1 for transforming into Optimus
Press 2 to transform back into truck
This is a fully autonomous pet raptor that works in Space Engineers! It requires 0 mods and even works in survival!

It will follow you up to 2.5km away and will even climb small hills to reach you!
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