Community Spotlight 🧐 March 2022

Posted on April 17th, 2022 10:17 AM EST
We are continually inspired by our incredible community - your creations, machinations, mods, stories, and visions of the world of Space Engineers drive us to excel. We would like to share a slice of creations that caught our eye during the past month.

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Blocks will slowly rust over time while in atmosphere of configured planets; all blocks that is not covered by other blocks or airtight spaces in all directions will be affected by rust.
By default Earth, Alien, Pertam and Venus (that is any modded planet that has "Venus" in it's name) planets are configured.
Grids inside SafeZone that has damage disabled will not rust.
Rusting of powered grids can be disabled in config.

A massive addition to the game that adds many systems such as:
500+ NEW blocks of various types with outputs matching and surpassing vanilla performance.
30 resources spread across the galaxy, some more commonly found then others
60+ components across multiple types of assemblers
10 planets to explore, some with resources found nowhere else
32 fighters to build, made from hundreds of blocks you can include in any creation.
5 fuel types with nearly 20 ways to burn it

A brand new radar mod, inspired by the "Active Radar" mod.
Output the size and exactly world position(and velocity if isEW=false) of Enemy grid into LCD Panel. Suppose to be read by a Programmable Block and guide the Missiles or Drones.

A simple connector variant that you can walk through- allowing it to double as a universal docking port!
More variants are planned for the future.
Any suggestions for improvements/variants are always welcome!

This mod adds a Refill Station block. When conveyored it can refill Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Energy to anyone who interacts with it - regardless of ownership. It will not allow respawning at its location. The screen is a customizable LCD.
Comes in both large and small grid.

A mech companion heavily based on the Battlefield 2042 robot dogs.
  • Activate / Deactivate
  • Walking
  • Turret
  • Parachute
  • Support Mode
  • Mech Bay with Interchangable Turret Weapons

A collection of modular parts that can be easily pasted into each other to create quick and easy ship designs.

Have fun!

A.I. or Armadillo Industries presents the TS-90 Starlifter (support) a medium dropship capable of carrying a sizeable small vehicle or a lot of infantry*, it also packs a lot of forward fire power.

I worked hard on the previous Tachi design and shape to give you these highly detailed version of the Roci. It's now easier to land on planets with a bit of practice....
Just like my previous EXPANSE builds, these one also merge large and small grids, to create a realistic EPSTEIN DRIVE BOOSTER. Very efficient and simple to use ;)

The Subutai is a 13,000-block pirate warship built around the AWE Kingsword Ultraheavy Coilcannon. Capable of firing its 5200mm round in standard or shotgun modes, with plenty of auxiliary firepower to boot, the Subutai can rip apart heavily armored targets. For some, the compliment of drones, missiles, and torpedoes will be enough.

The heavily armored face of the Subutai makes a death wish of any frontal assault. Vulnerable to flanking, it always travels with a compliment of destroyers at the very least. However, its two AQD upgradable gyroscopes allow it to turn quickly. The widely distributed subsystems of the Subutai make for a surprisingly survivable vessel, even under continuous bombardment.

The Nautili is 100% vanilla and scriptless and can set itself up and run largely unattended. Featuring 13 small grid drills on a rotating head and four retractable limbs it is built for one job, digging holes, or tunnels, so two jobs, I guess...

It utilizes a walking motion with its 4 limbs to move up and down the tunnel regardless of gravity and with minimal power usage. Ideal usages for this machine are retrieving deep ores via deep ores mod, or for creating long tunnels for bases or transport routes.

Chimera is a planet covered in lush forest, high snow capped peaks and beautiful sandy beaches that go on forever with many islands and continents surrounded by icy oceans and rivers and the high mountains at the poles covered in snow.

Zira is a moon with high peaks found at the poles capped with ice and in places a smooth but yet rocky area that rounds the belt of the moon suitable for travel with a rover, it is a beautiful place but a harsh life awaits you.

Mod includes:
  • real milkyway skybox by Darth Biomech
  • darker environment light/shadow changes
  • sun color changed to white instead of piss yellow
  • removes screen dirt

We want to thank you for your continued work and inspiration. We will be searching, every month, for more great community additions, mods, blocks, builds. scripts, and stories. :cozyspaceengineersc:

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