Community Spotlight 🧐 February 2022

Posted on March 20th, 2022 10:35 AM EST
Hello, Engineers! :se:
Let's take a look at the workshop highlights from another month full of your creations, mods, stories, and visions. These are our favorites from the month of February - give them a try!

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New progress system; Devices needed to research new technologies. Now survival mod can be really difficult. You can't build what you wont. Use what you have and improve your technologies.

Supercomputer produce new type of components - blueprints. Use blueprint for building blueprint desk what unlock access to new blocks. High grade blueprints require more time for research. But you can build computing cores for decrease time.

All engine, wheels, thrusters from DLC are more effective, powerful...

Add depth to your power generation with geothermal, light up your world with concentrated solar, and harness the true power of the atom with new types of nuclear reactor.
Standalone version of the steam power system developed for Industrial Overhaul, tweaked slightly for vanilla use.

The Azimuth Remastered Mod is a complete overhaul of the original Azimuth mod with new and updated models with LODs and proper construction models and straight up new additions- Like the gatling turrets and new designs for large ship variants.

Ganymede Technologies introduces The Programmable Holo LCD! These LCD's are programmable blocks but ALSO Transparent Holo LCD's. This 2 in 1 Block is excellent for placement in cramped builds where you do not want to build an LCD and a programmable block.

This pack comes with 6 LCD displays, 3 half size and 3 full size in the following colors.
Now you can run a script from the Holo LCD removing the need to build separate blocks! This is excellent especially for compact builds.

This mod turns Vanilla npcs Wolves and Spiders into Ai enabled npcs. This makes them perform better compared to vanilla npcs and their broken Ai and they're more optimized so you can have way more ingame. There is also a threat system so the more armed you are the stronger the bigger waves become. Spiders will now spawn into various biomes of their homeworld making them a bit more camouflage. Wolves won't harm players but Cyberhounds will.

This mod adds modified lifted suspension to the game to significantly increase ground clearance. With wheels as big as 15x15, rovers can now be built that dwarf the likes of rovers that use 5x5s. Build robust mobile bases that benefit from a significant yet balanced increase in propulsion power.

This script allows you to attach and detach piston heads without mods, so you can summon CLANG more easily in vanilla worlds! You can use it to make piston jolts, speed exploits, very powerful clang stuff or other things.

Did you know that in vanilla Space Engineers, The height and density of the atmospheres of Earth and Mars are exactly the same? That's a little boring (and unrealistic), so I've changed all of the vanilla planets' atmospheres, to add more variety and realism to the game.

This also comes with some visual changes to the atmospheres. All planets have had their far cloud layers either moved to a lower altitude, or completely removed, to get rid of that ugly "planet in a bubble" look that makes Titan look particularly bad in vanilla. The color, height, and intensity of atmospheric scattering effects have been changed for most planets as well, to be more realistic and to reflect the new atmosphere heights and densities. Combined with Space Just Got Real, This makes for some pretty amazing looking planets.

Hello there fellow engineers! I present to you, More Lighting Options, with this pack you will get 10 small grid and 20 large grid Lighting and companion blocks. They have full build states, LODs, and are recolorable. Modular Street light parts, ceiling lights, Alert Condition blocks, Multispectral sensor that currently functions as a searchlight turret - and more!

This small mod adds homing capabilities to vanilla 200mm missiles and makes them follow the locked target.

The specific block that is targeted on the locked grid is a random systems block (no armor) for now, with an increased priority for thrusters. Specific subsystem selection will come at a later date.

The Alkurah System is intended as an alternative to the vanilla starsystem. It's not a full scenario with an actual story, but rather something flexible that can be whatever you want. You can install whatever mods you like and change all of the world settings.

The main difference to the vanilla starsystem is of course that instead of the vanilla planets this world uses modded planets that I made over the past two years.

Commissioned by the Inari Empire to fill the holes left by the mainline Oshika Class Cruiser, the Kochi Class is a fast missile attack craft with capability for extended border patrol and reconnaissance operations. Compared to its older and larger cruiser counterpart, however, it lacks the same level of crew comfort which displeased some pilots who had been transferred from Oshika Class vessels.

Intended for close range engagements, the Kochi Class is in its element when it's among enemy formations, tearing into ships with its large frontal missile compliment. Its role is to mainly divide enemy attention, allowing longer range Inari vessels to effectively strike from afar.

We want to thank you for your continued work and inspiration. We will be searching, every month, for more great community additions, mods, blocks, builds. scripts, and stories. :cozyspaceengineersc:

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