Update 01.075 - Airtight Hangar Door And New Turret Targeting Options

Posted on March 27th, 2015 03:40 PM EST
Space Engineers Update 01.075 has been released with airtight hangar door and new turret targeting options.

Airtight hangar door has been added to the game. Players will now be able to build large pressurized hangars for their ships and stations. Additionally, new options for turrets are now available that allow players to set targeting solely on stations, characters, small ships or large ships. Moreover, players can now switch the oxygen and sensor blocks ON/OFF from the toolbar, timer and sensor. Also, rockets will no longer destroy non-armor blocks in one shot and they will require less material for producing them.  Lastly, we added a scrollbar for actions that can be assigned to toolbar in G screen. 

- airtight hangar door
- new turret targeting options 
- ON/OFF options instead of check-box for oxygen blocks and sensor blocks
- scrollbar for actions in G-screen

- fixed rockets destroying  non- armor blocks in one shot
- fixed loading times
- fixed crash caused by Havok
- fixed issue of switching to toolbar when G screen is open
- fixed issue with door exploding in Easy Start 2
- fixed issue with fighter ship damaged in Easy Start 2
- fixed issue with ice falling into asteroid when using hand drill

EDIT 03/27/2015
Update 01.075.006
-fixed loading of .sbc.xxx files from mods
-fixed camera switching to 1st person
-fixed sound settings reset
-fixed IMyProjector interface inheritance

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