Update 1.074 - Oxygen

Posted on March 19th, 2015 03:46 PM EST
Space Engineers Update 01.074 has been released with oxygen.

Oxygen has been added in Space Engineers! This means that now you can take off your character’s helmet, but only inside the medical room. When the character takes off the helmet inside an environment without oxygen, he will receive damage. In addition, you are now able to obtain ice and generate oxygen out of it by using the oxygen generator. This device needs to be connected to an air vent that will emit the oxygen inside the room.

Moreover, we’ve implemented the “drain all” option for the sorter block that will push all items trough the block and the "switch" statement for the programmable block.

- oxygen (generation and management)
- "drain all" option for sorter block
- "switch" statement for programmable block

Note: ice will be generated in new worlds.

- fixed crash when connecting laser antenna
- fixed drills not sending ore to cargo containers
- fixed welder (tool) welding faster than ship welder 
- fixed client cannot weld or grind
- fixed programmable block button always in OFF state
- fixed rotor textures

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