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*** The Nebulon Cluster Historical Archives: Part I ***
It was August 16th 2617 when Captain Cytosine traded fuel, tools and a large sum of silver to DoctorOctoganapus for the
FTL coordinates leading his valiant crew to a new and unexplored solar system. "The Fentaarie System" located in
the heart of The Nebulon Cluster was their destiny and near demise (more on that later). When the crew of "SS Trinidad"
completed their final jump in a long and arduous sequence of FTL jumps, pilot JoshuaTheJust, weapons chief JamesTheFearless and
Lead Space Engineer MikeyTheMighty instantly knew their Captains gamble was about to pay off.

The massive gas giant 'Neiru' with three moons of it's own, was to become home of Fentaaries first space station "The Galactic
Trade Hub". Built from the stolen plans of an IMDC space station and with an abundance of resources from the nearby moon
'Imok' the crew completed construction of their new home in record time.

As word spread among citizens of the Galactic Federation, Wayward Enterprises seized an opportunity to offer low-cost cryo-travel
from Earth to Fentaarie and back. Because The Nebulon Cluster is so far from The Milky Way, this little endeavor spurned 'the
great migration' and droves of settlers began pouring in from the Milky Way, the Coreward Terran Colonies and the Pegasus Galaxy
by the thousands! Waywards CEO, Jentara Velensvir and his investors became very rich practically over-night. And with a
steady influx of prospectors looking for work, Wayward invested heavily in an asteroid mining company where citizens could pay
their travel costs by working off their debt in the Asteroid belt.

Citizens of Fentaarie quickly became wealthy exploring and prospecting the 8 planets and many moons as well as plentiful
asteroid fields scattered about. Things were going well for the citizens of this new frontier.

But it wasn't long before disaster nearly wiped out these brave colonists. While conducting scientific research on the
Fentaarie star, the GSI science division predicted a massive solar flare would erupt in a matter of days. The size and
magnitude GSI predicted was startling! Scientists surmised the most powerful FTL drives wouldn't out-run the lethal radiation.
For even with a full weeks notice, it was already too late for anyone within several light-years to escape.

But luck was still on their side! For a small team of explorers had been studying ancient ruins on the lava planet "Zemok".
Inside they found reference to something called a "Supergate", a giant device used to create wormholes and transport people and
ships to other gates, but only if one knew the address.

Part of this very fortuitous discovery included an address leading to the OEN3 Supergate. Probes quickly determined OEN3 was also
located in The Nebulon Cluster but far enough away from Fentaarie and although scientists suspected these Supergates could connect with
gates in other galaxies (such as the Milky Way), no other supergate addresses were known at the time, leaving OEN3 our only option!

And thus began a massive evacuation lead by GSI and volunteers from several other factions. Citizens scrambled taking whatever
ships they could pilot and cargo they could hold. In some cases, very crafty station owners actually managed to bring their stations
with them as well! Such was the case for citizen Blockstar who not only brought his massive station through the Supergate, but
then later landed it on Phrygia and turned it into a planetside colony! But that's another story entirely... ;)

Once a month GSI sends probes through the gate to measure radiation levels in hopes we may one day return to our former home. For
whatever equipment was left in Fentaarie still remains, including our once proud Galactic Trade Hub station. Scientists have
concluded it isn't a matter of 'if' but a simple matter of 'when' the levels drop low enough they to no longer pose a threat.

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