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ID #4119
Registered by demolish50
Registered on August 10th, 2014 10:55 AM EST
Deleted on August 25th, 2017 05:30 AM EST

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Needs updated. No one can join.
89% uptime? Look, in grateful for you guys hosting this server. I'm having a great time. However, this server goes down a little too frequently and at inopportune times. I hope the owner is getting his money's worth, otherwise I'd be expecting a refund.

I disagree, the only time the server goes down is the daily scheduled maintenance which the is posted on the website. Any other time is a crash. That is Space Engineers, every populated server crashes.
Is there a way to get the mods from the server on a single player world?
I was enjoying the server but the downtime is insane, really should try to improve stablity :/

other than that it's a lot of fun, the chat is active, lots of people, and fun mods!

I direct your instability comment at [email protected]
is there a way i can change the version my game is on? i would have to do that currently to play on the server beacause it is on a previous version. i have looked through the forums a bit and cant find anything. any help would be nice.
i don't know how you guy's have been experiencing this server the past week or so but ill explain what i experience...
i log in, server seems to have some stability with its population but the timer on the website say's it is always catching the server a minute ago an its fine, so i can only see the server has been up for a minute or maybe 5
i log in, make a few thing's. server drop's within 30 minute's or less of gameplay
i have already lost a ship to this process, it is quite the bug or whatever..
definetly a gamebreaker on my side.
cant even make a small miner an go mining without having to worry about server kicking me out and sending my one large small cargo to the ground even though i got plenty of fucking thrusters for one largo cargo...
this is getting ridculous sorry had to say something
also pretty sure the server went from 96% up time to 80% in two weeks as well
just another crappy thing to add to December. can't even play my broken multiplayer game :(
1/10 for how stalled this round has been holy crap..

go from that bull to a update fuck up. god i love this shit.

first round of SE this year, cannot join somehow i am patched with another patch.
4 people have joined in the time i have been awake.
25 people online.
was playing earlier this morning when i got off my shift.
i think i am that guy from irobot.
shit just don't work around me least i can smoke
least i can work to buy a gun.
least i can take that gun on a journey to a mountain top.
ill say my peace to god, an end this hell on earth. fuck this shit.
I have been playing on this server for the better part of a year now. It is without a doubt they best server out there in my opinion. Now im looking through some of the comments posted here, I agree with most of them (Positive Ones) but i decided i would throw my hat into the ring and tell you what i think as well

and i think Its AWESOME!!

Thank you Demolish!! and any of other people that help keep this server running. I honestly don't know what i do if this server wasn't around. The players on the server can be pretty harsh, especially if your just starting out. But i can actually understand that now after playing for a long time. New players pretty much spam the chat with questions, even more often now that planets have been added. So ignoring/yelling at the noobs is to be excepted. I suggest if your a new player, check out some tutorials on YouTube before playing online survival. its for your benefit, as well as all the other players playing. Just remember every question you ask can easily be answered via google. and every question you ask as probably been answered a thousand times already. If you know what your doing, the people on this sever are actually quite warm and welcoming.

+Active community
+ Brawl Night; the fun of battling with your survival creations without the heartache of loosing them forever
+Fully functional mod's like custom consoles, speed mod, and much more
+Active & serious admin: Demolish50
+Has all the planets + asteroids
+Good server maintenance
+Stable for the most part
+Good Ping (at least for me)
+Final good point is the sim speed, although the server may crash some times, it has excellent sim speed. Unlike most servers, every moment i'm on, i can actually play the game without interruptions

(These Cons might as well apply to all severs atm)
-Server Crashes (2-3) a play period (4-5 hours)
*wayyy less than most servers up atm
-Limit of 7 grids total per player
-Server resets happen randomly sometimes, but the server always resets to the last save. Which saves many of otherwise lost ships

Over all i would rate this server my #1 favorite without a doubt. Thanks you so much Demolish for making this happen. AND don't forget to vote for this server everyday you play! It only takes a couple seconds and helps the creators and is honestly the least i can do to help out the guys that make this all possible


My Impressions for this Server. And yes, for me it's best server.


- stable server (mostly)
- noob friendly spawn ship
- solid ping spike
- good player activity
- active admin
- no cheaters/hackers (never seen)
- chat activity (questions will be answered - mostly)
- many factions to join
- A good choice of mods (not too many)

NEUTRAL (not servers fault)

- Pistons were removed from server (game bug)
- rotors were removed (performance issue)
- projector were removed (performance issue)
- drill bug (game bug)
- simulation speed issue
- laggy and buggy planets (performance/game issue)


- too many server crashes (minium 3-5 crashes per day for an indefinite time period)
- You will lost your inventory stuff after server game crash/restart/exit.
- unannounced server maintance
- unannounced manual server restarts (sometimes)
- server is often full
- Rules must be made ​​clear awkward for beginners - Must be referenced on website.
- too many annoying noob questions in chat. Server needs more ingame informations.
- a few bugs
dude last 15x ive logged in
gotten on 6x
Fucking fuck fuck fuck.
cant even start building my base that got destroyed by grid resets
what a week man. fuck the holiday's
7:00am and i want to play and im fucked, i hate my job it makes me wish i didnt need a job and just could play some SE all fucking day lol. god dammit why does this happen to me. loving the hate i feeling from the server
sadly cannot play server not updated just saying not complaining.
i gotta go to work enjoy the more and more updates that are coming
because planets im sure this will happen more then today
and the server goe's down..1....2....3.... she's down game over. and the winner one!
yo, sorry about last night first of all had a badass night at work then i came home to
4-5 hour's burried into the planet, had a really bitter taste in my mouth at the moment and i said some thing's i did not mean. its not your fault that SE has Patch's that come out broken, i know they will get around to them. i was just irrate that i had all that happen cause the day before i watched my vehichle get tossed by nothing literally just up and moved without thrusters or wheels right when i had it all framed up and was about to put thrusters on it to get it ready for some wheel's then it just up and went across the valley and came back. the best part it all broke right before my feet and landed at my feet (like the scene in 300 where the rhino is charging that one dude...) anyway i would appreciate if you unbanned my dumb ass ill keep my mouth shut on the topic from now on.
Either way i just wanted to let ya know hope ya let me back on the best server on Space Engineer's
Appreciated Grom.
Hey, could you please update the server? I really want to try you guys out, the server looks good :)
Great Server, been on it for a month found a great group of people.
Brawl Night makes it pretty darn fun without the loss of your creations.
Demo is pretty active and alot of great programmers play on the server.
Try it out and stay awhile!
Pretty shity server. Played here for about 10 Minutes, Admin demolish50 calls out all players currently on server, saying that none of us have voted. I asked vote for what? He says the server. I ask what are we voting for i get banned. Well heres my vote. Your server sucks. Your going to harass new players to your server to vote and ban them if they dont? Whats the point of people voting for your server if its run by a 12 year old and no one wants to play anyways.

Man, I would love to be 12 again. Well maybe not 12. I think 20's would be better.

I am amazed though that you somehow managed to find your way here to post a comment. It's amazing what a little motivation can do, see you can figure things out can't you?

At first I thought you were trolling me, so I troll kicked you. But then I realized you were serious!
Just so the very few people that will ever see these comments know what my friend Eternal is so mad about. His base was raided. He lost a lot of things. He claims it was a bug or something other caused by something I did.

You can follow this link to the KSH forums. Here is the reason you lost your base Eternal.

Well his comments got modded. But if you see this Eternal. Here ya go buddy.

Friend? The main reason I am upset is that I never once complained to you before this event. I had only pointed out issues I have come across and reported them. And I only made one damn statement that could be construed as a complaint against the server before when you said ok bye dude and then removed me from friends list. I have not tried to log in since for all I know I am banned. This is the type of person you are. You may not realize it but a lot of others do and this is a simple fact.

Nope never banned you, just didn't want to talk to you anymore because you were being rude in your approach and making incorrect ignorant assumptions just as you have here. Then you started posting here, while I was actually pursing the reason for your loss. Which I did discover.

Just to reinforce my statements one last time I will point out the facts then I am done with this.
I have been on this server for the majority of the 8 months it has been active.
I have been a part of one of the largest and most active factions the entire time.
I have continually voted for this server on this website.
I have not complained prior to these few statements.
I have helped report bugs encountered with new mods and updates.
I have done nothing short of be a good regular player on a buggy alpha game and helped contribute to a server that I preferred to play on despite having low server populations on a continual basis.

the statement you are calling rude went something like this...
Demolish: I talk most people that play on this server everyday.....
Eternal: I also talk to a lot of people that play on here and we just don't complain...
Demolish: Ok bye dude

Before that there was no arguing, nothing it was abrupt and sudden...

Wow I went and looked at this. That does sound like exactly what might have happened. If we could have only come to that conclusion before one of us blew up for no good reason.
I think this deserves to be here...


I joined this server for about 5 minutes, made a comment about needed help, and got ignored by the admin demolish. So I directly asked the admin for the help, he replied, "no." He didn't say he could help me in a minute, or that he was currently busy...he just said, "no." That is extremely rude behavior for a server admin.

Yes, yes I did and it was hysterical. This server is not hello kitty goes to space. If you get all butt hurt over that you don't dont belong here, trust me. This is an nc17 server. Some even call it hardcore.

Though I agree. Demolish is still a poor programmer and admin.

Never claimed to be such.
I have been playing on this server for 6+ months. The server is poorly managed by demolish50 and is only kept running by mods that Tyrsis makes. There are many issues ont he server that are management related but are claimed as keen issues by Demolish. If you would like a good server to play then go to Transcend server that Tyrsis runs. You won't have the same issues and you won't have to deal with a poorly managed server and admin.

I was trying to help you, like I have in the past but you were just being rude and this is the thanks you give me. Nice. Here are the facts....

1. You say that my server is buggy and direct people to Tyrsis's server. We use almost identical mods. We talk often on steam and I always give him every bit of credit he deserves. No dedicated server can run effectively without his tools.
2. Virtually every bug I have, he has. Again we talk often. Yes they are Keen issues.
3. Every bug I have said is Keen can be found in bug reports on the KSH forums

I'm glad another complainer is gone. Yes please, if you are like nyteeeternal, please do not come to my server.

This comment has been moderated.

This comment has been moderated.

Your ignorance is funny.

Much butthurt I sense in you.
Lots of good things and players on this server. While currently there are bugs over all with the game this server is the best I've played on. It has a very active admin although he is the only admin he responds to things quickly. This is a PVP server however, currently with the game bugs going on the server is no PvP until they are fixed. The main catching point of this server are the rules are very relaxed however, the few that are there are strictly enforced. If you are looking to be spoon fed like a baby this server is not for you. Once again this is my favorite of all the servers I've played on. I've been playing on this one for a month or two now and there has not been a single server wipe yet. Thank you for reading and as always enjoy your game.
couldnt make anything in assemblers.. powered, with ingredients, destroyed and rebuilt, relogged, couldnt build anything. waste of time

Why don't you check the keen forums before coming here and muddying up my comments. If you had you would know this is a game wide multiplayer bug.

apparently thats how all the servers are at the moment, so just ignore my comment (once its fixed)

Calm down, the second it happened again i did, i didnt find anything from a general search the first time, its not like you couldnt oh i dont know put a warning up that your server doesnt work

Its in the motd and the big beacon that says go to the website for important rules and information. I would also have assumed most people could find the 5 threads on the issue without me having to hold their hand.

This comment has been moderated.

How do i connect to the server ?
What is your steam community?

All the info you need is on my website. It was set private due to SE free weekend but is now public again.
noobdog just took out z cord wtf is wrong with kids thes days dam trolls.

Already replaced buddy.
Ask KSH. They broke everything Thursday. Fixed some things and broke it again Friday. Server crashes if you pick up any objects.

I did add a program to automatically restart...that should help.
Whats up with the server being down?! Been trying to get on for 2 days now. :(
hay can you update to 1043015 you have 1043014 thx if you can do that for me.