Battlestar Galactica Universe

Battlestar Galactica Universe
Server Information
Hostname Battlestar Sector Lobby
Status Checked 3 minutes ago
Players 0 / 12
Location Austria
Version 1203024
Platform Windows
Map Battlestar Galactica Universe
Registered by AdmiralAdama
Registered since May 5th, 2023 01:10 PM EST
Last update September 23rd, 2023 01:46 PM EST
Tag(s) Faction Modded PvE PvP Survival Torch
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About This Server

Welcome to Battlestar Galactica Universe :-)

-Nexux Server Sectoring 1 World 3 Servers
-Custom Respawnships
-Battle Star Galactica Cylon Encounters will Challenge you (MES friendly NPC Mod)
-Battlestar Galactica Weapons
-Battlestar Galactica JumpdriveSound
-Battlestar Galactica Sounds
-Exotic Ore
-Wonderful Starsystem with Nebula Area
-And much NPC Mods

Rules and other Informations:

1.) Attack or rob Players which are offline within Sagittaron,Sirius and Satreus Area is forbidden, violate will result in permanent ban!
2.) We have high Limits here, use Scripts and performancehungry Blocks wisely!
3.) ALWAYS NAME YOUR GRIDS or they will deleted via Autocleanup with no mercy!!
4.) Type !commands in the Gamechat to see useful Commands
5.) We have deadly NPCs here!
6.) Building/Camping on the Duranium Planet is forbidden Grids will be removed by Admins
7.) Be Adviced:The Nebula Area is dedicated PVP Zone no punishment for robbing other Players within the Nebula Zone!!!
8.) Sagittaron Planet is PVE only!
9.) Be Adviced: the laggiest Grids will be broadcasted to everyone and are free to be shot down :-) no matter in which Sector/Zone
10.) Zonechips for Savezones are only available if you vote for the Server. You get 26 Zonechips for each vote!
11.) More Adjustments may in the Future
12.) Quantum Hangar is disabled for now.

Duranium is for reinforced ArmorBlocks, ideal for protecting vunlurable Parts like Reactors and Jumpdrives.
As we have no Defense Shield on this server, Armor to your ships really matters.. Duranium Blocks tank really good!
If you want Duranium you are force to to the Nebula Area

Server: Ryzen 3900X 64GB RAM

Fly save!