Nerd Legion Space Engineers Server

Hostname Nerd Legion Space Engineers Server
Status Checked 3 minutes ago / Online 5 days ago
Players 0 / 16
Location United States of America
Version 1201013
Platform Windows
Map Lobby
Registered by maximusnerdius
Registered since April 2nd, 2022 08:44 AM EST
Last update April 28th, 2022 07:11 PM EST
Tag(s) Modded PvE PvP Survival Torch

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Nerd Legion is a small gaming community of friends, mostly older adults, that are looking for more players. We've recently set up a server and would like to have more people join in. Our focus is on providing a fun and friendly gaming experience while still encouraging things like PvP, trade and competition. We are a modded / experimental server, with things like the Modular Encounter System, Plane & Boat Parts, Water mod and the Build & Repair system as well as a few others - we like to keep the mod count low but have things that improve overall gameplay. Earth-like is a PvE only area but the rest of the galaxy is PvP enabled, though we do ask that you avoid scorched earth / griefing attacks.

What kind of players are we looking for?
Whether you enjoy PvE or PvP or just building stuff, we hope to see you join us. We'd like to see a long term community grow on this server, since it's self hosted it will likely be up a very long time. The main thing we are looking for is players that want to create a community focused on fun, engaging games without the drama.

Server Rules
1. The easiest and first rule that supersedes all - Don't be a Dick.
2. The admins have final say in all matters. Don't continue to argue a point once they say they've made a decision.
3. PvP is allowed (in certain areas). However, rule #1 applies - avoid stone aging (completely destroying someone's only base) and avoid griefing. If the other player asks for mercy or that you leave them alone for a bit, please do so. Going along with that, if another player is coming after you and you ask for mercy / left alone, then you should either vacate the area or offer something in payment for their mercy.
4. Do not use exploits, cheating, abusing PBs or excessive amounts of builders. Gravity drives are allowed, but gravity based weapons are not allowed.
5. Do not try to be the "edge case" in any rule. If you're skirting the edge of a rule or trying to bend a rule, you're pretty much breaking it.
6. Offline Base Attacks / Raids are highly discouraged but not bannable. With saying that - if this is all you do, this is not the server for you. PvP means players fighting players, not players finding ways to get past base defenses when the other player is not around. If one player or faction is found to be abusing this and constantly attacking others while they are offline, they will be asked to stop the behavior.
7. Grid / ship replacement is something the admin/mod staff can do, but our general policy is to only replace stuff that was lost due to actual server issue, exploits, rules being broken or if it's your last / only spawn location. We run hourly grid backups that we can restore from, but this will not be used to replace stuff lost to mistakes, crashes, Klang, etc. All grid replacement requests must be put in as a ticket in se-help for tracking purposes.
8. All suggestions, whether requests for mods, changes to server settings or otherwise, should go in se-help. Admins / mods will first discuss among themselves and then put it to the community for discussion. We will not be adding any mods / changes to the server the provide significant advantage or "OPness" such as reactors that provide huge amounts of power, larger drills, or other such things that create an imbalance.
------ ------
Block Limits - We want to avoid block limits where possible, but if at any time a block is causing significant server performance impacts, we will address that by imposing them. Help us avoid this by not going overboard with blocks - drill ships should not be excessive, limit your build and repairs to no more than 2-3 in one area (yes, 6 in one area even if they don't overlap is too much). If players cannot abide by this guideline, we will impose specific block limits temporarily to address the issue. Repeated offenders will be warned and further infractions will result in temporary bans. Please don't make us take that route as we really prefer to avoid this.