Shattered Plains Server

Hostname Shattered Plains Oppression
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Location United States of America
Version 1201013
Platform Windows
Map ShatteredPlains
Registered by Mystogan
Registered since February 16th, 2022 02:02 AM EST
Last update February 16th, 2022 02:02 AM EST
Tag(s) Faction PvE PvP Roleplay Survival Torch

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*** The FINAL Iteration of the Shattered Plains Server IS HERE***
The beta has officially launched


***Have you been looking for a space-based RPG game with a fully immersive environment, dynamic progression, faction diplomacy and warfare?***

The final iteration of the Shattered Plains Server, Oppression, will have all these and more:

- Extensive player progression system
- Distinct technological and gameplay phases
- Extended early game
- Player-driven server evolution
- Ship size and role distinction
- Faction progression system
- Faction specific weapons, components, and perks```

Beta Features

- Fully custom planet
- Custom made quarries
- Unique ore distribution with regional rare resources

NPC and Environment
- Dynamic starting settlement, Kharbranth (event based evolution)
- Select habitation pods and vehicles for sale
- Currated NPC Mods (Ground, Air, and Space) -- Will be slowly phased in and tested
- Limited Fuel/Ice to drive phased gameplay (Ground, Air, Space)

- Server wide base item price -- Will be determined to assign value to money
- Player driven economy
- Combination of Keen + Frontiner Economy Mod
- Automated sale/purchase of player made ships
- NPC Ship Vendor
- Event + Progression Based

- Fully custom weapons (no vanilla weapons)
- Event and progression ;ocked
- Ship class/role based weapon balance (Initial focus on ground combat)
- Faction / Faction Type Specific Weapons

- Server Event Chain (Campaign style server progression) -- Beta will include a few initial missions
- Custom NPC/Admin missions
- Player based server progression and impact
- Player driven lore progression
- Faction progression system with custom rewards, priveldges, etc. --Beta will include limited initial concept testing
- Destinct weapon, technology, and domain phases and progression

Faction Power Projection Index

Power Projection Index (PPI)

A faction’s power projection index is a numerical value intended to represent a faction’s ability to exert influence over other factions and the environment. Projected power can take many forms and is dependent on the type and role of a given faction. For example, a pirate faction’s PPI may represent their combat ability and notoriety in raids whereas a trade faction’s PPI represents their economic prowess.

Earning PPI:

War and Conquest
Instance Battles
Missions (Guild Sponsored)
Server Events
Sponsorship (Funding Environment/NPC Development)
Propaganda (Must not be egregious) 1-10 PPI

Using PPI:
Faction Tier Unlock/Requirements
Faction specific weapons
Faction specific technology
Server Progression
Conquest Points
Diplomatic Acts (War Dec, Instance, Sanction, Denounce)

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