Midgard Small Block Survival PvE

Midgard Small Block Survival PvE
Hostname Midgard Asteroids PvE-PvP mk2
Status Checked 1 minute ago
Players 0 / 16
Location Canada
Version 1201013
Platform Windows
Map Midgard Asteroids PvE-PvP mk2
Website https://www.twitch.tv/skallabjorn/about
Registered by skallabjorn
Registered since September 12th, 2020 07:18 AM EST
Last update February 12th, 2022 02:32 PM EST
Tag(s) Faction Modded PvE Roleplay Survival Torch

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WELCOME TO MIDGARD Small Block Survival PvE-PvP Survival Server!
Current mod count 97 ( aprox 3.5 gb ) running Torch. World Started Feb 12, 2022


RULES SET ( which is on a data pad in the respawn rover )

1 ) The Moonlet Calista and a 100 km Radius from it is NEUTRAL GROUND - PvE ONLY on this world.
PvP is in the asteroids off world ONLY.

2 ) Combatants must Challenge their Opponent to PvP publicly in the Servers Discord Chat Feed.
Use the "@everyone" tag when doing so.

3 ) Challenges must be accepted Publicly ( again use "@everyone" in the feed ). PvP Combat may
not happen without acceptance !!!!

4 ) Combat between players may happen ONLY WHEN THEY ARE ONLINE. No offline Raiding !

5 ) Damage to innocent bystanders grids will not be tolerated. Non combatants are asked to
stay away from combat areas. Non-Combatants who stray into a combat zone in their ship
are considered to be doing so willingly and no compensation for loss may be requested from
combatants. Damage to non-combatant bases and ships docked at that base wont be
tollerated. Compensation may be requested for damages. Combatants must give
non-combatant bases at least a 5 km safe zone.

Heavy Twitch Streamer(s) use of Server < THUS > GRIEFING OF ANY SORT IS NOT TOLERATED!

Admin - Skallabjorn ( Contact via Discord )

Not a rented server ! This is a privately owned and operated dedicated rack Xeon Processor Based machine running on Torch.
24 gb ram, 1 tb SSD with 2 TB mechanical backup. Fiber Optic Internet with Dual Cisco Hardware Firewalls. World Saves every 20 minutes

Running Daily Needs Survival Kit & ALL Modular Encounters Mods ( other than the character spawner ) installed!
Many of Splitsies Assertive Encounters and other NPC Structure mods.

*** NO Weapons Core ( Sorry , thats not going to change. ) ***

BaR's can not be weaponized, so grinders and welders are a thing on the server :) BaR's will not build projections & won't grind neutral, enemy or unowned blocks. Planetary and Lunar voxel Resets every 60 days, Asteroids are not affected.

See Skallabjorn's Discord for the full rule set and special events. Streamers use this server so rules will be enforced with no appeals! If you don't log in for 30 days, your grids will auto ship-hangar! 60 days they auto-delete! Ownership is a thing! Ensure you own the whole grid or cleanup may delete the grid when the cycle runs. Players MUST be on Skallabjorn's Discord for server news & events plus for keeping grids from auto deleting. Game name and DC name must match or be known by Skallabjorn ( as I can add it to the exception filter ).

Torch plugins - NPC Faction Fixer, Concealment, Faction Paint, ALE ShipFixer, Faction reputation Plugin,
Essentials, Join Queue, SE Discord Bridge, Voxel Defender, Quantum Hangar, Skals T-SE-DC Grid Monitor