Libertarian Space Engineers Server

Hostname Libertarian SE Server
Status Checked 4 minutes ago
Players 1 / 255
Location United States of America
Version 1194081
Platform Windows
Map Libertarian Paradise
Registered by pdwawe
Registered since March 26th, 2020 01:07 PM EST
Last update March 26th, 2020 01:33 PM EST
Tag(s) Creative Modded Torch

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Welcome to our Server
Are you just done being a decent person. Want a break from grinding and just want to make my potato catch fire. Well this is the server for you. We are all terrible people and have very lack luster rules. If we don't like you you will be trolled. If our player base likes you you might have a really good time. Honestly though if you want to see what this server I recommend you join the Discord. This server was established with a very lenient staff and hosting with minimal regulations. This is an experiment on how people act with very minimal regulation hence the name of the server. Come and join and see if you like it and if you don't like it you don't have to stay there are plenty of other servers out there for you to try.

Here's the rules and tips (These may be outdated when you are reading this if you're in the Discord feel free to ping an administrator to update this page)

Welcome to our beautiful Libertarian Server. Here are 4 simple rules for everyone to follow is below
#1: do not be toxic or harass other members of the server
#2: try not to crash the SE server if it's intentional you will be banned
#3: No NSFW/SPAM--Unless approved by admins (Ex: Thanos Hut) --minor infraction will slide most times usually ends in a deletion
#4: (User requested!) Due to some members of the server wishing to do rp and not wanting to be messed with mars from here on is the dedicated area to role play - all actions done here must be with the consent of the roleplaying parties --- not exempt from administrator cleanup!!

NAP---Non Aggression Principle
A defining feature of Libertarianism Anarcho Capitalism and Classic Liberalism is the Non Aggression Principle(N.A.P). In essence people should not interfere with your private property!! We will implement this into the server in a similar fashion. If you attack a player they have the full right to retaliate against your actions. Do not be mad or come screaming to an admin if your base was attacked after violating the N.A.P. "You get what you ****** deserve" -Arthur Fleck

Tips for reducing server lag
For the enjoyment of all players please read this and follow these guidelines (This also helps you as admins will not remove your stuff)
#1: Convert unused large ships and stations to stations.
#2: Clean up after yourself.
#3: Avoid having repeated grids.
#4: Reduce the amount of subgrids your ship has.
#5: Keep your number of turrets low.
#6: Remove grids floating on the water.

Privacy Info you should know
Admins can see all comms and faction chat do not use these to send personal information other than discord links and steam accounts!!! unless you really trust us

Discord specific rules
#1: Keep your topics in the appropriate channel.
#2: Do not mass ping administrators/moderators/staff

1 Online Players