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This is a star wars faction server! join our discord using the link provided. the lore for the server can be found below!

Once in a galaxy far far away. a scouting ship part of the Bitcoin trading co. found a planet with one of the rarest resources known to the universe, Tibanna. On this planet which they later named Tatooine. was a huge deposit of it and some orbiting bodies filled to the brim with it. They quickly capitalized on it by making a mining rover. However a mysterious monster called the scarlac destroyed their miner, and now lives in a place called the scarlac pit. soon after the bounty hunters maid their base. as they knew that rebel and emperial forces would soon be converging on the planet. and they knew that plenty for people would want people to do their dirty work. they maid their base and a satellite station in order to convene with their clients and quickly forged a alliance with the Bitcoin trading co.
The Imperials and rebels slowly converged on this planet in order to trade and secretly take tibanna. however. once they realized their other half was their they waged war. the neutral parties decided that a battle between the two factions would take place. and that whoever won would get to keep their presence on Tatooine. As the battle came up, the Imperials constructed 2 Venators for their battle, each boasting a small escort of fighters. While the Rebels constructed corvettes. and a mobile base codenamed Lazarus. They also struck a deal with one of the bounty hunters. What this deal entailed you may ask? it for them to all team up in a rogue faction titled The Black Legion. and their plan was to destroy every accompanying faction inhabiting Tatooine. On the day of the battle the Imperials never showed up.
so the Black Legion went through on their rampage. they gained intel by infiltrating the present factions. afterwards they destroyed the peaceful Bitcoin Trading co. and nearly destroyed all of the bounty hunters. however the Bounty hunters had jump capabilities and jumped to the old Rebel planet soon after recouping their losses.
the bounty hunters went on a search for another planet blessed with tibanna and found a solar system rich with it in the asteroids. They ran into a group of pirates and lost their ship. they crash landed on a planet, unsure of where they are. the Trade federation followed closely behind them and ended up crash landing on a different planet. now they have to try to work their way back to space to try to claim all the Tibanna trade possibilities. neither knows what's in store for them as they saw a rebel ship flee to this sector and an empirial ship following close behind.