schotZe - Harsh Survival

schotZe - Harsh Survival
Hostname schotZe | Harsh Survival
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Location Europe
Version 1193103
Platform Windows
Map Epsilon Eridani - Center
Registered by AlbiTheReal
Registered since September 9th, 2019 05:54 AM EST
Last update November 11th, 2019 06:36 PM EST
Tag(s) Faction Modded PvE PvP Roleplay Survival Torch

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What can you expect on Proxima B?

Well, Proxima B is a very distant galaxy and consists of two different solar systems. These two solar systems are connected by a jump gate and can be reached as soon as one has the necessary drive (Hyperdrive). Once you have fulfilled this requirement, you can travel back and forth between the two systems as often as you like.

Proxima B - Center
The system in which you will begin your adventure is called Proxima B - Center and describes the inside of the system. Here live most of the inhabitants, the trade is flourishing, there are enough resources and you rarely have to worry about pirates. The center is also controlled by the local government, which is regularly re-elected by the residents and passes the local laws. In the center there is a moon, as well as an earth-like planet which is however covered by a thick ice layer.

Proxima B - Outlands
In contrast to the Center, the Outlands are only suitable for experienced space pilots. Regular pirate attacks are on the agenda and laws are not observed here. However, there are resources in the Outlands that are not available in the center and that you can use to build extremely advanced blocks. In the Outlands, you'll find a planet with beautiful vegetation that can only be reached under harsh conditions. Be careful. There is also a desert moon.

Play your role!

On our server we promote Roleplay and let this also flow into the game as often as possible. You are completely free as far as your role in Proxima B is concerned. Whether you become a merchant and specialize in transporting goods between Center and Outlands, or as a mercenary protecting these merchants, everything is up to you. There are endless roles you can play.

To add even more depth to the role-playing game, there is a background story that carries the server. Through story entries in Discord and story events on the server you become part of this story and can influence it with your actions. We would be very happy if you use the rp_ channels on our discord and shape the server with your stories.


Our server runs on a Torch setup and with the help of plugins like Concealment and PerformanceTweaker we can offer you the best possible performance. By regularly checking player grids, we also ensure that block limits are adhered to and that there are no clanging grids that could adversely affect server performance. We have a very active and helpful admin team and are happy if we can solve problems.

Block Limits per Player**

2x Large Refinery
2x Large Assembler
2x Basic Refinery
2x Basic Assembler
2x Survival Kit
4x Drill
4x Welder
4x Grinder
5x Gatling Turret
5x Missile Turret
3x rotor
3x Advanced Rotor
0x Piston