Hostname Eclipse Hard Mode PvP
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Location United States of America
Version 1188104
Platform Windows
Map Eclipse4
Registered by Zenduin
Registered since August 26th, 2018 07:27 PM EST
Last update September 15th, 2018 09:00 AM EST
Tag(s) Modded PvE PvP Survival

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This is a HARD mode PvP/PvE server.
In this iteration I have tried to make all blocks relevant and achieve a higher degree of realism (within reason of course). I have also tried to make all styles of play relevant in order to force you to play all aspects of the game and not get bored :)

Join us on Discord: OR in your browser to get redirected

Changes from Vanilla (Eclipse mods):
Asteroids do not have any ore, just ice
Refineries will not refine Uranium
Arc Furnaces only refine Uranium and have increased power requirement
Uranium provides marginally more power than it takes to refine
Hydrogen takes much more power to create from ice to keep it more in balance with ion thrust
Cargo Containers have 20x vanilla inventory
Astronaut inventory is set to 6000L
Inventory weight is not reduced by a multiplier so keep this in mind
Ore Detectors have a range of 300m (small and large grid)
Max speed is 200 for small grid and 150 for large grid
Laser Antennas have a range of 500km (small and large grid)
Interior Turrets can be mounted on small grids
There is a 1x1x1 small grid merge block
There is a 1x1x2 small grid oxygen tank
Small grids can have jump drives
Assemblers can queue components in groups of 1000, check the "Multiple Components" category
Solar Panel output is increased by a factor of 10
There are both single and four button panels for large and small grid
Camera blocks have increased FoV, increased zoom, and greatly increased RayCast cooldown
Decoys are disabled
Small Grid ejector is disabled (use a connector or stone/ice grinder)
Hydrogen tanks have up to 20x size variants
Each level of increase gives a 10% capacity bonus and -20% build time bonus
There are upgrade variants of many blocks, but they require new components to make
Osmium can be found from competitive drop containers (more sources soon)
Alien Components can be found from competitive drop containers
Alien Components are not reusable
There are backup reactor and battery blocks, these keep your medical room working when main power is depleted
Medical Rooms cannot be turned on if owned by nobody
Grids that fall through a planet are eventually deleted
Large grid drills have slightly increased radius (you can have a 1 block space between them)

Changes for other Mods:

Nanobots -
Cannot build new blocks
Cannot use show area
Cannot use fly mode
10x speed and 10x power requirement

Aerodynamic Physics -
Suit drag is disabled
Wind is disabled
Heat damage is disabled
Advanced Lift is disabled

Faction Safe Zones (things that happen when entire faction is offline)-
Large Grid Ships convert to station
Spotlights turn off
Ship Tools turn off
Turret Idle is disabled
Projectors turn off

Block limits per grid:
2 Jump Drive
2 Oxygen Generator
4 Gas Tank (Includes Hydrogen and Oxygen)
4 Welder
8 Drill
12 Grinder
6000 Blocks Total
These limits are not automatically enforced (except for total block limit), so obey them or face the wrath of the admin :)

Stay within 300km of center