After taking a minute to load the common resources used for both story and online modes (which is near on par with high-end PCs) GTA decides to max out a single core on my machine for four minutes and do nothing else. Anyone who may have tried GTADS from the beginning may have run into a shitty bug that plagues the Java Virtual Machine. A bug needs to be reproduced, a feature needs to be understood and im not in the business of tracking anyone down to discuss. I have filed a bug report with Sun to try to resolve the issue in a later release of their JRE. While this may or may not work, it is always worth a try and 10 seconds of your time to sign. There may be a lot of testing before this gets thrown into a new release. These dogs demand a lot of care and maintenance. There are a lot of pros and cons to this technique. In his younger years he spent a lot of time with his older brother. Moving everything to a state level would be tedious and a waste of time. There is no plan to set it to a state level being that it is tedious and as far as GTA1 is concerned doesnt give a clear indication of how latency will suffer. This may change in the future but thats the current state of things. Language translations is also another thing id like to incorporate but, may end up being rendered using translation tools. Like a late post 1.10 GTA Online cash glitch, with a specific end goal to be adventure the glitch you will require an extravagant auto, which to copy a Journey bought through Pegasus and a bicycle in your carport. Parsing a 10MB file shouldnt be too much of a problem for a modern computer, but a few obscure problems in the specific implementation seem to lead to massive slowdowns. Interest rates are still at historic lows and are much lower than the interest you are paying on your credit card debt. The internet is a bad place to express interest in doing something if that entity you are looking to influence is big company with lots of cash. And using sscanf may not be optimal but surely its not that bad? US - West, US - East, US-Mid may be an easier compromise. If you run the client then open GTA1 or Age of Empires the client may close out and crash inexplicably. Ok I know a few of you have been bothering me about the status of the petition to open the code of GTA1 and/or GTA2. And please if you know of a forum or a website that caters to a GTA1 or Age of Empires community, let them know about this project. Of course the problem with this method is as they do not work for Microsoft you do not know that your Xbox will be repaired properly and if you get any problems in the future you will have no one to turn to. It allows the end users access to original and high quality products at an affordable cost while ensuring the vendors get their money. By the end of this week I will print these sheets out, and send out a print copy of the petition as well as a letter requesting that the source code be opened. To give the petition a little touch of humanity I appended a small but concise letter stating the reasons why openGTA would be a good idea. I should have realized that online petitions are a waste of time to really try to get something like this done but it was actually a good measure of how many people (divided by 2) are genuinely interested in opening the source code and doing some cool things with the oldies. For the time being, I will try to address some of the issues ive seen sent to me via IM or chatroom. Well as you may have seen in the previous posts GTADS development has been pretty busy. The change may be in the CVS repository later on in the week. A concession I may make for large countries however is partitioning a country. Also, country locales are on the feature request page and is actively being worked on. If you guys have bugs or feature requests, I strongly encourage you to visit the sourceforge site and post on the feature requests page.
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